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Can someone ask me what's wrong?

| It's been something I've been wanting to tell someone or anyone for a while now.

It doesn't eat away at me like it used to, but I just want to tell someone, to finally have someone elses opinion and maybe, some way justify what we did together.

I just want to tell my story to someone who'll listen.

| What's wrong, OP?
if you would prefer: [email protected]

| I'll listen, what's wrong?

| What's wrong?

| K, share us your past, we will listen

| Sorry, I ended up falling asleep, I was writing this as some long story, and giving background info, probably better to just say it.

I live with four other friends, me and one of my friends got drunk together, and we thankfully only made out, but they're dating one of our other roommates, and they've been dating for a while.

Me and this person have a lot of sexual tension between us, and we've agreed that what happened was both of our faults.

| >>676387 do you want advice or just to vent?

| >>c981aa

Just to vent, at this point in time we've talked what we needed to talk about it.

I just wanted to tell someone else, to just get it off my chest, so I can fully move past what happened.

| >>676389 well hope things get better

| >>81442c

I'm having trouble writing this, because I don't want to write like I'm sounding like a victim, I'm not.

Me and the other roommate have agreed that it was both of our decisions that led to the situation that happened.

I just wanted to write about how much of an internal conflict it brought up in me and what I need to do in order to make sure something like that doesn't happened again.

| >>c981aa

Thanks, it seems like it's gotten back to normal, we still talk and hang out but I'm making sure we don't do anything stupid and I'm sure they're doing the same.

I'm glad I finally get this off of my chest, thanks again for listening. :^)

| Happy to help

| wow, didn't expect that :o
Well if it can help you I read that

| Damn. Sounds tough. I hope it doesn't bother you too much.

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This thread is permanently archived