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Dangerous opinions

| What you guys think the site is about? as much I do make discussions i dont do every single one on this site ok, and most times i dont want to start a discussion cuz I know opinions and belifes are all subjective, I made that ama cuz I felt like people get too mad for no reason and start discussions with the most dumb stuff I say, and I was right, yall too sentive and held back, its the fucking internet, stupid stuff comes from nowhere

| This is the place where you can find stuff like, cum ice cream, angry burg and the most absurd takes, how the hell do people come to get away from opnions, this place is supposed to be laid back and full of funny and retard stuff so why do people even bother take discussions so seriously?

| Because it's just works fine for everyone.

| You already answered your own question. "it's the fucking internet"

| >>676003 fair

| >What you guys think the site is about?

To me it is(was?) a very charming and wholesome site where toxicity was low enough to handle. I mostly came her to talk about technology with likeminded individuals but that's almost impossible now. People have become way to negative and political imo.

When I first found this site I was completely floored with how charming it was. I don't recognize that side much today.

| >>676003 And a quite anonymous portion of it too...

| >>676006 I get you, it feels like anyone will start fighting for anything

| >>676008
Are you sure you get me? Because if you're the OP from the AMA-thread then you're responsible for many negative and political threads this last week.

| I guess a lot of sites from small to big have been getting very negative and political, even on silly threads people start getting angry because somone said had one dumb opinion or one wrong take

| >>676009 like I said on that thread most of the times I dont mean to start shit but they get aggrevated every time I give my opinion on stuff, I just try to defend myself and give my side

| >>676011
That doesn't make you any less responsible, sorry.

| >>676012 but doesnt change that i relate to you, relating has nothing to do with responsability

| Nowadays you cant have an opinion without being attacked,not my fault they get all pissed by me saying that I disagree with something, and most times its just that, I disagree, but they want source, they want me to change, they feel the need to make me follow their line, thats how most discussions start, people cant see someone that disagree with them, why should I not voice myself? to please a crowd of whiny babies that cant be questioned? Thats the way I see the problem

| Its a website based off of the website that appears in the game VA-11, Hall-a, which itself is a parody of textboards and chan culture.

| >>676022 as expected from a janitor, nice and objective response

| >>2ce0cf
Dude, learn how to type with periods already.

| >>676081 nu, i çan wuryite houu Ï went and yu cunt du ship abot iti

| Just 4chan but less racist

| >>676088 i'm willing to bet that your writing style is part of the reason people start arguments with you. it's aggravating to read, and it makes you less anonymous.

secondly, a thread is for having a discussion. a post with a different opinion often merits a reply. if we were all to just state our opinions and never respond to others', it wouldn't be as interesting to participate.

finally, your most recent posts are rather self-centered. in this one, for instance, 1/2

| 2/2 you open with a question, but then switch to talking about your personal experiences. you write much more about a different problem you have before answering your own question. it's obvious that your reason for making this thread is more than asking the question - hence this response.

i don't mean to start an argument with this post, just to point out some reasons for your unintegration.

| >What you guys think the site is about?

This site is a place where I can have/read/join any kind of conversation I want to without the pressure to reply or have a persona that comes with less anonymous places.

| i just think this site's neat

| one day they'll ban politics and you'll find an original dangeru again

| >>63c865 fair point

| >>676196 no, won't work, censorship is never cool, and the proble more the people here rather than what we are allowed to say

| >>676231
>and the proble more the people here rather than what we are allowed to say

In English please

| >>676304 nein

| >>676313
Suit yourself? If you don't want to be understood then that's on you. Don't blame people for not listening to you later.

| What happened to the people who made this site good? Where is the I love sex, theg, burgverse, and all the good memes? I REALLY MISS THOSE MEMES. Have you guys seen the pp thread on doujin? you cant even make penis jokes without someone being upset

| >>676325 they seem to have been replaced by illegible posts with no periods

| Fuck periods, we need memes

| >>676366

| >>676325 yeah like a few years ago of course mods were gay but only them tho. Now we have new users who think this is fucking reddit. I'm talking of 3-4 years ago. Any oldg/u/rl still here?

| Hmm. To me this site has been a really nice and comfy place. I could go here to talk about random bullshit, do some fun inside jokes, post entertaining threads in /d/, and just escape for a bit. I even got a lot of mental health advice and support and stuff when I reached out here before mental health threads were really a thing.

Now though, I guess I just want that, but usually most threads turn into a toxic, one-sided discussion, which is really sad. I just want to chill.

| >>676467
Ay. I came here in 2017, so, I guess I actually am an oldfag too. Damn.

| >>676482 ah yes, 2017 gang! Incestuous op thread was really sky rocketing

| >>676485
Incestuous OP is a real one. I might have made a couple incest threads myself ;)

| >>676485 that was three years ago? although maybe I'm thinking of a different incest thread.

I was here for a while in 2016, I think, then left for a year-ish and came back. I don't remember when that was, although I think it was a couple months before the tranny war.

| I think danger/u/ has always had the toxic threads. I used to get frustrated by them all the time. What has changed recently is that there's less threads that aren't toxic. There hasn't been a two-word-story thread in a long time, for example. Maybe, there's also more threads which begin as normad threads and devolve, but I couldn't say for sure.

| >>676518
>danger/u/ has always had the toxic threads
You know who uses words like toxic to describe shit they dont like? Fucking hell we really live in the era of the pussies.

| >>676546 that's kinda toxic, bro. yikes!

| >>676546
smh getting offended over the word toxic what has this universe cum 2

| >>676546 you are the pussy, getting mad cuz someone said that maybe the plataform has always been toxic

| i dont usually get into debates because no issue is worth discussing

but dont you dare tell anyone to use punctuations fuck periods man

| I think too many people get triggered over internet discussions when people have different opinions from them.

| >>676686
I disagree (ง'̀-'́)ง

| >>676687 I agree (ง'̀-'́)ง

| >>676690
I agree to disagree ٩(。・ω・。)و

| >>676732 then I agree to disagree with you /(^>^)/

| Tldr cum ice cream is great and i bet OP is one of the maid

| >>676741 nope, I op am the the gurl who ruins threads, and I agree the cum ice cream was a great story

| >>676741 >>676743
Aw. Thanks :)

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