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Gurl who ruins threads ama

| Just a gurl who has a talent to start discussions without even wanting and ruining threads, ask me anything

| why

| Idk, anytime I disagree with someone they start arguing and I cant stop answering, most times I didnt even mean to diagree

| You lie all the fucking time though

| >>675774 I think he just popped his trolling cherry.

| Tfw ANON does an AMA

| Do you have autism?

| >>675833 no

| >>675831 is there a reason for not doing it?

| >>675823 no, i dont troll, my opinions are my opinions and I also dont assume people are trolling, its the internet people could have the most absurd opinions

| >>675792 is having a conspiraxy theory a lie? Is having an opinion but not good or rliable sources a lie? People will call you a joke no matter what you say so why bother to give proof or anything of sort to people who dont even want to learn, and dont lie, I just say what I belive

| recent research has suggested that conspiracy theorists may actually have mental disorders https://psychcentral.com/blog/conspiracy-theory-disorder-understanding-why-people-believe/

| >>675899 those types of researchs are like "nazis drink water so everyone is a nazi" also the same could be said for people who belive news without sources just cuz it comes from a reputable source

| >>675907
That is a reputable source.

You really are a fucking joke.

| >>675908 never said it wasnt a reputble source, I was refering to people who blindly belive any journal that has a good track record,context is important

| >>675909
>those types of researchs are like "nazis drink water so everyone is a nazi"

Is what you said, you fucking liar.

| Also people should always take stuff in life with a grain of salt, the world is vast and more abstract than it seems, yet a lot of people feel like they know everything and that they are folowing the good side of history, if we were all perfect there wouldnt even be conflict

| >>675910 why are you calling every thing a lie anyways? Do you even know whats the truth? How can you say that what I belive is a lie if you dont even know me? Heck, how can you say I belive on what you assume is a lie? Maybe you just assume that I have a certain idea when I'm just questioning stuff that I see. Usumptions are what killed both inteligence and creativity in the world

| I dont know and I dont have as much formed opinions on topics that everyones talks, I'm actually very ignorant, but I like hearing what other have to say, and I dont belive everything people say cuz most times they are just blindly following an idea

| >>675915
>I'm very ignorant
We noticed that already. Yet you're the only ignorant person on this board that will spam walls of text with your ignorant opinions and get aggressive when people doesn't want to listen to them.

| >>675913
>>You: This isn't a reputable source!
>Yes, it is a reputatble source.
>>You: I never said it wasn't a reputable source!! What is a lie anyways? Why am I a joke to you guys!? You don't even know me~

The thing about pathological liars such as youself is that the lies are both internal and external. You lie to yourself as much as you lie to the world which is why you're having trouble accepting such facts even when confronted with obvious situations such as above.

| >>675923 you calling it pathological now? Fine belive what you want, not like I can change it, anything I say will be used against me right?

| >>675921 is there really a problem in that? Its not my fault people dont want to listen and I want to understand why people think what they think with so much strenght, I dont know much but I also dont belive much, it gives a new perspective to life, you cant know everything by just listening and not questioning, thats why I always find wierd and wrong when someone comes saying that what other people belive is a lie or a troll

| why is everyone on this thread acting high?

| >>675949 tbh idk

| >>675929
Are you asking if there's an actual problem with showing your uneducated "opinions" down peoples troaths and get aggressive towards them when they ignore you?

Are you fucking retarded?

Also, I've never seen you read and comment on any other posters source yet you expect people to blindly listen to you when you don't even have the decency to practice what you preach.

| >>675925
>anything I say will be used against me right?

That's usually how it goes when you're wrong.

| OP has autism

| >>675958 its the internet, anyone can comment anything, geting angry because someone said something you disagree is the most retarded thing ever, if thats shoving an opnion then we should just ban anything and not allow people to talk

| >>675958 how can you even know wich threads I'm commenting? At this point you are the retarded one assuming that I'm on every thread that has a big discussion

| And how can you even know if read or not a source? You are just acting stupid now, this is a anom plataform, there could be like 3 or 300 people like me, and its not like you can figure out whi is who by id, and see who is clicking links to articles, videos, etc. If you hate someone here then just know that you could be hating the wrong person

| OP is autistic

| >>675963
This is not what this site is about. Most of us come here to get away from stuff like that.

| >>8a0d04
You have a very unique posting style so you're easily recognizable. Just fyi

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