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e-dating is stupid

| I hate filling my head with intrusive thoughts like "I really wish this person was physically here for me right this second, that'd make me so happy". I don't understand people who are somehow fine with that. I've had 2 experiences with one of them even ending up us meeting IRL, but when that person came back home, they just became the same untouchable entity that you can't not think about every time you head to bed.

Do you think e-dating is worth it, and if so - why?

| Its eh, but I don't mind it so much since I haven't been able to date IRL in awhile. If it were easier to meet people IRL, such as by moving or going back to college or going to more venues, I'd take the real life dating scene over the internet, though.

| Oh wait you guy were dating? I dont even kiss

| i agree tbh. unless you met them irl more than once dating over the internet is so fucking dumb. you don't even know if you can trust them fully, because it's the internet.

| It's much easier to find people you get along with on the internet. You usually find them in a place of interest for both of you.

With that in mind, it's still stupid. You need the person to physically be with you to make something real, admit it or not

| It's usually my go to for dating since it's really difficult to meet other lesbians where I live, the lack of physical intimacy sucks a lot but you find people you have things in common with much easier, and since I'm not someone who NEEDS sex in a relationship it works well for me

| For me it really depends in how far the person is and for for how long it will be like that, it kinda sucks but i guess if you arent weeks away from each other and not pre teens you can make it work with some commitment.

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This thread is permanently archived