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| what are you g/u/rls reading rn?

| A bunch of yuri mangas and manhwas idk i've been binging it. going to look into actual books next

| The Revolt of the Masses. Rly makes you think how we live on a society

| Kabukimonogatari is the next book on my list, but I haven't started yet.

| House of Leaves. It's uh... interesting.

| Solanin, a slice of life mango by Asano Inio about two miserable college grads who try to break out of a cycle of boredom.


Pretty good so far.

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Hey! I'm also reading House of Leaves. Apparently it was a huge inspiration for Alan Wake.

It makes me want to read Finnegan's Wake too.

| I rereading Everlasting Summer: Samantha mod, and wait update for Everlasting Summer: Continuation of the Story mod.

| I'm on a fantasy novels binge. Recently devoured The Stormlight Archive (book 1-3). Currently rereading The Name of the Wind. If anyone got recs I'm all ears.

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my best friend is always recommending me post-modern essentials like that but I could never get into them

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with angry burg

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