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Whats the worst thing you heard from a crush?

| Share us your traumatic experience with love, if this gets eonugh stories I will also share mine

| "You kinda creep me out."

| Not really bad? but very strange... "You to tall"

| "I want to try heroin"

| "Cmon brother you can do it!"

| >>675164 not really a sentence but I realized that she's pretty stupid and I called her a retard and she blocked me ahahha

| One time this guy I was crushing on couldn't understand what I saw talking about so he called me a retard. I was just about to jump his bone and give him the nigt of his life too.

| Crying.

| >>675243 nah I thought she was smart but she's an actual retard. I tried to help her pass the year but she just wasted her time and when I asked what she did for 3 months, the time she could've used to study, she said she had problems and I didnt knew what I was talking about then i called her a retard and she blocked me.

| >>675385
So she had problems that prevented her from studying and you decided to insult her for it?

| >>675404 bruh "problems". Fucking hell you people are just like her. Time waste isn't a problem, it's just being stupid.

| While you were busy studying math, I was studying THE TWITTER

| But yeah a lot of people refuse to study then they wonder why they cant pass, if only they at least listened to the classes, just taking notes can help a lot when trying to remember what you should study

| >>675460
Are you genuinely claiming that problems doesn't exists and that everyone else are the stupid ones?

| "You're too boring." Huehuehuehue. Huehue. It's funny. Actually it hit me pretty hard. At least she was being honest.

| >>675467 never said that, just said that some people refuse to study and then panic when they dont pass, you must live in pretty crazy world if you think that a person pointing out flaws on people is a statement of apathy

| >>675470 better than when they try to keep you around as a friend and try to not break your heart

| >>675476 Tru. Those kind relationships suck the most. Freaking weird!

| Free advice, if she wants to stay friends make sure you yourself feels like staing friends, dont be a orbiter

| >>675475
Never said that.

But when you invalidate a concept by putting them in quotation marks and proceed to ignore them you are in fact claiming that said concept doesn't have any merit, aka that it doesn't exist.

Then you proceeded to call both me and her stupid because we acknowledge that said concept exists.

You don't really strike me as a very
astute individual if you act like that.

There are plenty of problems people can have that prevents them from studying fyi.

| >>675489 that's not me but yeah I dont recognize her "problems" as real problem since I saw her waste time online instead of studying. Unless you're physically unable to study theres not excuse other than that you're lazy.

I was also gonna fail this year but I studied and did 2 test a day for about 2 weeks and caught up with everything where she just used stupid excuses to justify her laziness.

| I had psychological problems in the past and failed 2 years but I realized that those were just excuses not real problems since people with real shit like dyslexia and some kind of severe autism managed to become masters of their craft.

| >>675491
> that's not me but yeah I dont recognize her "problems" as real problem

If you're not the former poster then how the hell can you have an opinion on her problems? And how the hell do you know who he's talking about considering you claim you saw her spend time online?

| >>675493 I am the op of>>675385 >>675460 Ids change every 2 hours or so.

Cuz I was there talking to her for hours and occasionally telling her to study. I know her pretty well.

| >>675235 and of course this one. I had to restart my router for unrelated reasons.

| >>675493 I was talking about this kid not being me>>675475

| and of course >>143dc4 is just some other random individual that decided to only handle the middle of your conversation for you and then conveniently leave right before you come back?

| >>675497 why would I lie about something like this? I said I agreed with that kid and I was just clearing up that I wasn't him. You might be new to the text/image boards. Shit like this happens quite often.
You can believe or not.

Or you can argue the shit I said here >>675491 >>675492 or not. You decide.

| >>675497 hi there, i defended him cuz I had the same experiences as him, also I'm the op of this thread so stop acusing people of stuff you can even prove

| I had a friend who didnt study cuz they were too busy doing weed, and complaining about the president online( brazillian btw), and he would always say how he didnt had time to study and that he was tired and sleepless for days, guess what? He passed by cheating

| >>675507
I bet you told him to study

| >>675505 I feel you man. It's really sad when you have a certain image of your crush and then you get the real picture but you try to help them but they're just too stupid.

| On the other hand I had another friend who couldnt study, but it was because her family war poor and she needed to help the family business, I gave her all my support and helped her study by giving notes and advice, she did pass and never cheated

| >It's really sad when you have a certain image of your crush and then you get the real picture
Can't remember who said that. Its either ariosto or tasso

| >>675509 and then he calls you nerd and says that no one likes nerds, in my case he was a douchy

| Bitch was so dumb she couldn't even work with simple objects.

| >>675512 I feel sorry for you. She is quite nice actually. I just got angry

| It happens, sometimes patience is hard mantain

| >>675470
Shit, this is actually the reason why my ex cheated on me.

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