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K-dramas anyone?

| anyone seen any good ones recently?

| Memories of Alhambra is <3

| Its about an augmented reality MMO which starts killing people IRL.

| SAO the K-drama?

| >>675426

No, more like... well, I don't know what to compare it to.

Like, even when they remove the AR gear (contact lenses), for some reason the game is still running and injuries they sustain in game affect them IRL, but only internal injuries.

Like for example, if you get stabbed in game, you feel yourself get stabbed, but irl there won't be any lacerations. But then they check you in a MRI, and you have internal bleeding????

| oh... kdramas. tearjerkers, or so im told. the best one i watched was goblin.

| Boku no pico?

| >>675595
go back to reddit or kys

| >>675895 It was a worth a shot :(

| >>676159 low effort dont bother replying if you dont add anything

Head back to your weebshit and let these dudes talk about their keebshit

| keebshit or gtfo

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This thread is permanently archived