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Reach out

| I dont know if i should reach out to someone to stay at their place tonight

im in a really bad headspace, normally i could cut to release this but i cant hide it like normal bc its so hot out and ppl i know will get suspicious

i cant tear myself away from this makeshift noose and i think i might actually go through with it im at my limit

i just dont to be a bother to those i care about, which is why im not sure if i should reach out

| i probably shouldbt go here to adk but im too scared to call a hotlibe

| Oh, you should reach out. Emotional support really isn't my forte, so just think about it - you'll be even more of a bother for those you care about if they'll find you dead. It may even push them to do the same in the long run. Pick the lesser of two evils. Go to someone's place, talk to them about your issues. And after that - try to get some professional help. It can be scary, but I'm sure that your friends will help.

| you don't want to be a bother to those you care about so you think about suicide..??

| When you commit suicide your suffering doesn't end. You're just giving it to the people who care about you.

| update: im ok now, i ended up talking to someone, thank you

| Sorry to hear that you went through that... I know exactly how it feels. Be glad that you have the option to crush at someone's, because sometimes it really is all you need, even if it fixes you up only temporarily

I used to hurt myself too, so I also know the struggle of doing it on hot sessions.
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