I had a dream about something I know I'll never have

| It wasn't really THAT unrealistic, but it does seem out of reach.

I dreamt about a girl. At first I was indifferent about the whole thing. At some point, we were both asked something, and we answered with the same line. From here on we both realized how much we had in common.

Nothing major happened. No kissing, nothing sexual. Just sitting, hugging, talking and laughing. We were also swinging on a huge bungee rope for some reason, but that's beside the point.


| ...

Never in my life I felt as accepted as I felt there.
I've never had a relationship that started off that great. They never ended up well, too.
There were just two people, really getting along and understanding each other. Not too much to ask, but still far out of reach.

What a bummer waking up was, lol

| i once had a dream where the feelings were similar. but i will not talk about it. just know it was one of the dreams that come about for no deductible reason in regards to your mental state. it was a dream about the end. and it was so bright, filled with fulfillment and acceptance, the kind of ultimate peace and gentle embracing love that only an emotionally abused alcoholic can dream of in his darkest hours.

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