| Such a convenient fruit. It comes in a bunch so you don't run out quickly. Easy to carry, easy to peel, and the peel is easy to dispose. Now watery mess yet so succulent. Perfect fruit for snack, gifts, and trips. Buy some banana today! shopforbananas.com

| It's also great at concealing spider eggs and exploding with crunchy protein delight the second you open it.

| >>674445 never happened to me. but I also don't live in australia, so..

| >>674454 Oh, those things can survive shipping to any country, don't you worry.

| >>674445
The last tine this happened to me was never.

| >>674600 That just means that chances are getting higher with each banana you eat.

| I find wierd how we depict other primates and monkeys as banana lovers when in reality we humans are the biggest banana consumers, other primates like sweeter fruits and chuncky bugs, also the ratio of humans who have banana as their favourite fruit is very high, humans should be depicted as banana lovers in popar midia

| >>674604 any fruit can be a nest for any insects, stop being so paranoic, if it happend to you, that just means you had very bad luck, I've found a lot of wierd stuff on food but it never stoped me from eating it again, if it aint poison then you shouldnt be afraid to eat ir

| >>674615
I read somewhere that the banans our grandparents ate was a different and sweeter kind that more or less died out due to a fungus. Almost all plantations got wiped out and the only banana that was immune to the fungus is the one we eat today.

| >>674675 cool,ancient bananas

| >>674675 there's another fungus endangering our current banana type, too.

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