I don't really see a point in living

| Don't get me wrong, I am not suicidal. Death does not appeal to me either, even though I do admit that I am curious to find out what lies beyond the veil.

But the point is, I don't really have any ambition. There isn't anything I'm really passionate about that I would like to do for life. I don't plan on starting a family, either. Not like I'd ever get a chance to, with my looks and personality. I'm just going through life with a general feeling of being terribly bored.

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| Does anything appeal to you at all or inspire you, like a book or game? Reading as many books as you can or even writing one or programming a game could be fun. Those are select things but there might be something like that for you, something that really hooks you and makes you want to enjoy more of or mimic and make yourself out of a newly found passion.

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Not really. I'm reading a lot, playing a lot, I do try programming a game every once in a while (never made anything finished though), along with countless other hobbies. But the appeal/inspiration/passion fizzles out fairly quickly and it end up being just another way to spend time without really bringing anything more to the table than a minute distraction.

| same


| I'm in the same boat. Because there is no point. Obvious, I know, but that's what kinda helps me to navigate through this swamp.
I'm just so fed up with being bored that I've started to drown myself in projects - and it's kinda working. First you don't have any time to be bored, and a bit later, after doing a lot of shit, you get in the flow and kinda start separating grain from the chaff.
So it is a "throwing shit until something sticks". You just need to throw relentlessly.

| I kinda want to see where things goes

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I try to do that. I really do. But it all feels like chaff. Nothing stick for more than a week. After a while trying to take up anything new just feels like a waste of time.

| >>674430 It does not have to stick yet, really. You just need to do shit all the time. It's highly unlikely that there is nothing that can interest you. Diversify and push yourself - that's it. I know that it seems as useful as "keep trying solving the problem to solve the problem", but there isn't much else to it, as far as I can see.
It's hard for me to say, because I have no idea what exactly you've tried, but maybe you need to incorporate a social element.

| You can program games alone, with only stack overflow at your side, or you can find a local game jam and team up with people. You'll be doing essentially the same thing, but human interaction can really make or break the activity.

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Yeah, I guess that's part of the problem, if not the problem in its entirety. I find it very difficult to connect with people, even if just to work on a project together for fun. And the relationships I do form also tend to just fizzle out over time, no matter how hard I might try to keep them.

| >>1950b0 Well that's one hell of a can of worms in itself, but opening it might help you with the main issue.
Relationships - lasting ones, at least - are usually born from shared burdens. Work. Projects. So... Well, you know what I'm getting at. It is difficult, but you are bored anyways and want to fix that.
It'll take time, but I think that the gameplan is here.

| Emptiness is a major problem in my life as well. I've been "diagnosed" with different things by different professionals. I struggle to see the point of both living and dying as well.

However, I don't lack motivation. Every time I find a small thing to hold onto, a small adventure if you'd like. It ranges from the tiniest thing, like a new game, to a big, life-changing decisions, like learning how to ride a motorcycle off-road.

Hope you'll find something to hold onto too.

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perhaps we should push to get this diagnosed. looks real common in this generation.

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It's called depression and it's nothing new.

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I'm too scared to make it official. Yes, one of them said that it is indeed "severe depression". Another one said that it's more likely to be a personality disorder like npd, because I'm still motivated to do things, and the emptiness can cause me to be indifferent.

It feels a bit like a dead end, my friends. I don't want any of this. Just to feel OK.
And I'm working on it. A little step at a time.

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Go get em tiger. Take life by the horns!

| Our generation is kinda fucked ngl, but I guess fiding porpouse in a time where there are no real problems is hard, so people try to grab onto anything they find, be it politics, religions, games, parties, drugs, sex, dumb opinions on threads, anything that makes their blood rush a bit is fair game, no wonders there is a lot of crazy fanatic people out there

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I don't think we live in an era with no real problems tbh. The growing differences between the economic classes makes it a lot harder for some people to live a comfortable life.
We are undeniably killing the environment and therefore killing ourselves.
And in some places minorities gets murdered for doing completely normal things like sleeping in their beds or walking the streets.

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