why are boys so stupid

| boys are so cute why are they so stupid

| Because they don't have the same social dynamics we do. You have to directly tell them things.

| >>674320 and when you have a problem you say it, dont respond with "its fine" while holding grudge and talling up every single minor inconvinience to blow up at our faces

| Said those who says "it's fine" when everything goes wrong smh

| >>674339 are you seriously implying boys are more open about their mental health

| >>674389

| They're held to a lower standard than us

| >>674490

| >>674490 has to go to war when shit breaks out, has to do everything to please the opposite sex, is expected to be the succesfull just to provide for a family, is expected to drive better, is expected to be phisically strong, is expected to be just as good as the ex or better, is expected to be rapist, is expected to be misogenist, is expected to leave every hobbies amd passion to please gf

| And if you suck at any of these things and are not super attractive you are invisible for most women, so yeah we are held at such lower standart, its so easy to be a men, you just have a dick and the whole worl d bends to your will

| >>09bc8f
literal incel worldview

| >>674524
i hate bitches like that. >>674519 >>674520 wrote 124 words and you reply with fucking 3. THREE WORDS to act like a bitch. with an argument at the shit level of "ur bad". you could have kept your useless comment entirely to yourself.
also, let's not derail this thread. (too late)

| >>674540
there is nothing wrong about liking bad stuff, you just have bad taste, wich is fine, it doesnt define or devalue you as person

| >>674524 by your logic 87 percent of the male population is a bunch of incels

| >>674524 also, funny how when a man complains about their problems and expectations they get called an incel and dismiss every complaint but when a woman does the same she gets called a victim of the system and they start a revolution movement for her, almost as if women have control of what men do

| You would be surprised by how much stuff men do in society just to be attractive

| >>674544
"i'm right, you're wrong". argument translated.

| >>09bc8f

| >>7408ab at least I have arguements and proof, I dont have to laught at some bodys opinion and call them an incel to "prove" my point

| This thread took a god damn turn lol.

| >>674582

| >>674580 true

| >>674582 sorry meant to agree with this one, not myself

| >>674580
you dont have any proof lmao

| >>674599 then what can you say that disproves all my points at>>674519 and>>674520 ?

| This guy really out here proving ops point lmao

| >>674603 men tend to have higher bellcurves in intelligence tests so yeah there is a lot of stupid guys,and the amount of above average women tend to be higher but there is a lot of stupid people out there so it doesnt even matter if most are men or women

| >>674607 BELLCURVE LMAO get a load of this chud

| >>674610 laughting at people doesnt prove any point, just shows nimmaturity and lack of wanting a serious conversation

| >>674611
ok, wait.
if you seriously believe in everything you just said, will you please properly prove your points.
i will gladly try and properly dismantle your claims if i can.
please don't half-ass it.

| >>2d01ad whats wrong with saying that man are also held by high standards, we live in a society, everyone is born with a thousand expectations, your biological sex doesnt determine how much you should to do, just what you should do, every one suffers from that, dont try to say that men are privileged bullshit, we suffer just as much as woman do

| Bruh.
>we live in a society
Do people genuinely not realise the cunt is trolling? Damn.

| >whats wrong with saying that man are also held by high standards
Did I ever say that ? And if so, can you quote me ?

>dont try to say that men are privileged bullshit
Again, when and where did I say that ? If I did, can you quote me ?

>we suffer just as much as woman do
When was the thread ever about that ?
If it ever was, quote it please.
I must have missed this part.

| >>674626
Bruh, whoever puts so much effort into trolling is clearly missing out on the actual troll experience.

| >>674626 its not trolling, its just that the joker movies ruined that phrase

| >>674627 I mean if you are trying to disprove my opinions you are gonna have to disprove those points, and about the intelligenge thing, it was just a random study that I found, I do not really belive it, I just keep that on the back of my mind when people try to say that a gender is better than the other, it just shows how comparing men and woman in non biological issues is stupid

| Threads like these just create more gender stigmas and segregation

| i can't disprove unproven points.

| it just goes to show g/u/rls with dicks are actually stupid
( ´_ゝ`) that's depressing

| >>674641 I mean, then go live in your amazon paradise, sounds cool on paper and only woman society, though balance is important for all places

| >>674643
Again, you're putting words in my mouth...
You can't half-ass your attempts at serious discussion, and still call it serious discussion.

| >>674653 I was just kidding on that one, no serious intent to discuss anything, in reallity it would be a nice scientift experiment how do you think it would play out?


| >>674656
What scientific experiment ? I don't follow you at all.

| >>674662 a society of just woman would be a cool experimente, and a society of only man would be also interesting

| >>674674

| >>674677 interesting, well man are usally the providers, so makes sense that they are more proactive, I feel bad for the woman there, but by what wrinten it was tjeir fault

| >>674677
Imagine farting out a pretentious article about the superiority of patriarchy after watching an episode of the Dutch version of Survivor.

And trying to claim it's a legitimate experiment that mirrors real world examples no less.

| >>674684

| y'all are retarded

| Cant say this proves that man are superior, just proves that if you put group of man an a group of woman on a survival situation with limited resources, the man would have a higher chance of success since they have a higher chamce of being proactive since they evolved to be providers in ancient times

| The concentration of unsupoprted hot takes in this thread is beyond extreme lmao. Personally I lost it after the notorious
>we live in a society

I heard that some circlejerk subreddits were being closed, and some folks were migrating here, but dear god, this is just ridiculous

| >>674698
>just proves that if you put group of man an a group of woman on a survival situation with limited resources, the man would have a higher chance of success

Fuck no it doesn't prove shit. Your sample sizes are small your standard deviations are high your conclusion means nothing and YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD!

It's an episode of survivor for fucks sake.

| >>674702 these shows are just social experiments, also you sound like you didnt get what I trying to say, I said man would have a higher *chance* of survival not that they would always succeed

| >>674702 why should I feel anyways? I didnt do anything

| >>674702
Why should anyone feel bad about your insecurities?

| WWE proves as a social experiment that proves locke was right... really, society is a constant struggle and nobody can be trusted

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