rant about something you're passionate about here

| there are a lot of things that make me really mad, but i don't bother ranting about them because i know i'll just end up writing an essay no one will read and will make me look like an idiot.

so here, write about anything in the world that pisses you off for as long as you want. no matter how trivial it is.

| When they don't fold a steamer towel properly.
When someone fucks up the grinder setting on my day off.
When someone doesn't turn on turning signals.

| I want OP to rant about whatever she wants.

| People not being able to be straightforward about things. I don't understand things that aren't, like, clearly put or straightforward, and so many people don't do it despite knowing I have autism. There are some people who are nice and clarify things whenev I ask, but some people seem to be unable to comprehend that I work differently because EVERYONE understands "X, Y and Z" socially, but I don't, and I tell them, and they don't care.

| modern web design is a joke, websites are getting more and more overminified.

there's no concept like a personal website anymore, everything has been streamlined by websites like carrd or other stuff like this. they just lack personality

you cannot browse anything without loading a DOOM WAD's worth of jabbascript.

you barely ever find websites as cool as Kaliber10K, the Windows 95 website, the 2000s Coca-Cola site.

i hate material design, i hate minimalism. fuck all this.

| in https://dangeru.us/u/thread/667969 i posted 672952 and some cunt with the same ID posted 672953. i was too fucking pissed off to even come up with a coherent answer to that bullshit so i haven't replied.

| i'm so fucking sick of people who constantly deny flaws in the things they like or believe. "let people enjoy things" or "it's just my opinion" shut the fuck up i can say whatever i want about anything i want. you're entitled to enjoy or believe whatever you want but refusing to acknowledge flaws or issues with it is retarded and makes you look like a bitch

| I hate how people takes sides on everything, saying that a group that disagrees with you is evil will not solve anything, it will only divide us anc create even more segregstions, because of this sides thing I've seen people do a bunch of horrible stuff and not suffer any backclash cuz they were on the "right" side or on the same side, its just sickening how they try to dehumanize each other

| And when you dont take stance on something they call you a villain and say that you are codoning the enemy when in reallity you dont give a fuck about anything and just wanted to chill and have some doritos and now both sides hate you cuz you dont totally agree with anyone, people starr flocking like sheeps and folowing their ideas like its some sort of radical cult

| And when you least expect, both sides are so radicalized that a fucking civil war breaks out in the midle of a fucking pandemic that suddenly is ignored by the midia who is taking their own stance and promoting their own side instead of giving the fucking news, with everything you say being fucking analysed by 3000 idiots on the internet that will try to cancel you for anything they see as wrong

| All I wanted was to live in a society where people actually discuss their problems instead of segregating eachother and starting a war over the problems that could have been solved with calm and rarional decisions but no, everyone wants to be the hero who fights for their justice, these people need to grow up and leard how to deal with their problems in a civilized way,that isnt dehumanizing your "enemies" and radicalizing your stance

| >>673694 yeah its like thise people who think that people are just mindlessly hating on pokemon swsh, the game has a bunch of problems that make it worse that its predicesors, lackluster story, paid dlc that fixes problems on the main game, and bunch of more stuff, but when you complain they say you are not true fan or a gen1ner boomer, and that the game fine as long as they have fun wheb the game is worse than usum

| >>673730
Not to forget that USUM was bad too

| I fucking hate tryhards in videogames, like just play them for the reason most people play them which is to have fun. When I get on a game, I want to play and enjoy not camp in a corner all day

| Nobody shows me any sort of physical affection, and I'm 90% sure it's because I'm a guy. My family basically stopped hugging me once high-school came around, and I don't think I've ever gotten one from a friend, except once when I was crying. Obviously it's different when I'm in a relationship, but then they're sort of obligated to hug you back. I get that some people don't like physical stuff, but that's never the reason.

| I've tried straight up asking for a hug from friends, but guys think it's weird, and girls think it's creepy.I'd assume that I'm just revolting or something, but I've had more offers for "friends with benefits" than "hey want a hug?" Or maybe people just hate me, I don't know. Either way it feels like the only way to get a hug is to throw myself into a bullshit relationship.

| >>673740 i know right, people are so distant, its quite annoying

| >>673733 in ranked matches I understand being tryhard but when the matches arw casual, there is a line to be drawn

| i fucking hate how i never feel loved. my parents try to shower me with affection but their hugs mean nothing to me due to the way they treated me when i was younger, with the way they physically and mentally abused me. and while i have friends, i'm not close to any of them and i'm not even that happy near them. all i want is a happy relationship, whether it's romantic or platonic. i'm so desperate to be happy with another human and it kills me.

| >>673694
I'm really fucking sick of people trying to shove their opinion down everyone's throats. Sure it sucks that the game is bad, but if I can still enjoy it I don't need you and thousands of other mindless drones screaming "REEEEE, HOW CAN YOU PLAY THIS, IT'S SO BAD, YOU SHOULDN'T PLAY THIS, YOU'RE THE REASON THE INDUSTRY IS DYING" at me every day.

| fucking "doing well" vs "doing good"

god damn it's such a simple grammar error but it pisses me off so much and i hate that nobody realizes the issue

same with saying shit like "i literally could not get out of bed," fucking read more books or a dictionary or some shit, they're easy to avoid but so many people say that stuff ffs

| >>673739 >>673740
fuck i'd hug ya
reply that you like it and that it's none of their business.

| >>674355
People really need to understand that art and entertainment is subjective.

| >>674355 hay gurl, you can ejoy trash, nobody is judging you, just your tastes, people sometimes get too offended when somebody hates a bad game, there is usually reason a reason for that, they put their own insecurities on the stuff they like then they feel attacked when they cant justify their decisions and only say "I had fun", nobody can say wich games you should like but anyone can say that the games you like are garbage

| i liked the russian guy

| >>674436
The fun really starts when the game isn't objectively trash, just has a few bad design choices, but these fuckers treat it like it's literally satan.

Even then, that's not what my issue is. I don't get why these people feel obligated to start flinging shit the moment someone mentions the game even in passing, let alone admits to liking some parts of it.

| some fgc guy fucked up twice in a month. said guy is tied to a niche game that just recently got a bigger coverage. I'm so mad about it.

| >>674465
Especially when the argument looks like this:

"- Hey this game sure has some flaws but I really like things A, B and C in it and feel like they were done well, so I'm still enjoying this quite a bit!
- Wow, how can you even play this garbage, thing A was done way better in a 20 years old game that doesn't have half the QoL improvements this one does, thing B shouldn't have even been in the game because I don't like it, and if you like thing C you're literally retarded."

| >>674469 those are all valid arguements, except the retarded part, if a game is doing stuff worse than it is predicesor then saying its a sequel is worst thing ever, and especially when this happens on many facets of the game, pokemon swsh is the best example, most of its flaws are on the small mechanical scale but they add up so much that sm and usum are objectivly better games with more content, full dex, nice xploration, fun story, an actual post game and no dlc

| And again, not saying you cant like it, just saying that you like trash

| >>674479
Okay, mate, nice bait, but I think I'll ignore you until you come up with something more substantial than "um u just like straight up garbage and your taste is trash no offense though."

| >>674492 there is nothing wrong about liking bad stuff, you just have bad taste, wich is fine, it doesnt define or devalue you as person

| Why do people get so effended when you say something they like is bad, I can understande defending wht you like but some people feel like they have an obligation to defend something, that sucks

| >>674518
Because saying "your taste is bad" is kinda anti-social I guess? You're not bringing anything to the discussion besides your inability to filter your own thoughts.

If you constructively started a discussion about the merits and lack of merits on a certain subject then it's a different matter. But simply saying "It's bad" is douchy and implies that you knows better than him.

| >>674521 thats what I do but the defender calls everything nitpicks and that I'm not a true fan and that the game is good and that I'm just a hater, when in reality I've been playing the franchise for 10 years and that latest game is a caped version of what we had before, and when I call them out for having bad taste I'm the offender

| I hate height temperature outside. GIVE ME MY COLD WINTER DAYS!

| When they came they came to me say that may opinions is just blind hate and that the game is fun, like I know it is fun, but it is still bad and lacks a lot of good stuff we had in previous games so saying "its fun" is just as bad saying the "game is trash" with no actual evidence

| >>674527
> thats what I do
(X) Doubt

In this thread you certainly wasn't sharing any constructive views...

| >>674542 there was nothing to dabate about, ita not like anybody said sothing about any game here, all I did was rant a bit about pokemon and all the stuff I complained about were fair criticism

| >>674552
>all the stuff I complained about were fair criticism

Are you literally retarded?

| >>e7cf78 woah there, your arguements are too good, I cant keep up like this dude, you clearlly have such a moral high ground to call out other for not having proper arguements

| >>5452f8
there is nothing wrong about being retarded, you're just a bit slow, wich is fine

Why do people get so effended when you say something like they're retarded, I can understande defending how you think but some people feel like they have an obligation to defend something, that sucks

| And again, not saying you cant understand anything, just saying that you're retarded

| I see, having mental disabilities are just like having bad taste

| >>674602
hay gurl, you can be retarded, nobody is judging you, just your intellectual shortcommings, people sometimes get too offended when somebody hates a retard, there is usually reason a reason for that, they put their own insecurities on the people they like then they feel attacked when they cant justify their actions and only say "Hurr durr", nobody can say which level of cognitive function you should have but anyone can say that the posts you make are retarded

| >>674605 nice meltdown gurl, here's a virtual cookie and a virtual hug

| A well intentioned thread fucked over once again by people who can't help but push their opinions on people damn.

I guess that's what I'll rant about. Why is it so hard for people to not comment on everything they disagree with? Why is to so hard for people to talk about something in a civilised manner in a thread about the topic they're discussing instead of putting it where's they feel like, pushing their opinions on people who never asked for them?

| >>674617 I kinda feel you

| >>674542
I would have written :

> 口 not doubt
> 区 doubt


| >>674620 I would have gone with the press x to doubt meme

| I when people dont use the right meme, and I also hate how covid19 came from area 51 after the raid and nobody is talking about it, they are blaming china when in reality it was an alien virus brought by alien immigrants, we should ban all aliens fron earth amd creat a "earth for humans and animals" propaganda before ots too late

| >>674619
Wtf are you talking about? You're the guy pushing your opinions on people...

| >>674639 not really, was just replaying to someone who was saying that I was retarded for beliving that people are allowed to have opinions about having bad taste, if anything they were pusshing their opinions on me, I even stated that there is no problem on having bad taste, I wanted to end that there but they stated to have a meltdown and it was too funny to not reply

| >>674642
No, you were talking down to a person about his taste in videogames...

Right here. It was very unwarranted.

| >>674644 if you read everything, you would see that I just said people will like bad games, and even I like bad games and anime, and they decided to ignore me cuz they couldnt accept that people can be judged for liking bad stuff and still like it, thats my opinion, your dont have to agree and you can feel free to judge it, thats all I stand by while people are telling me that they hate how people cant stand hearing people having opinions

| If they dont want people to judge you, they shouldnt be interacting with people, the moment you state your opninion on public you are vulnerable, so saying that people cant judge your opinion is a type of censorship wich is shoving their opinions on other people

| >>674647
I read the entire convo and it's clear you were pushing your opinions on people who didn't ask for it and even told you they didn't appreciate it but you just kept going...

| >>674651
Wait, are you judging people or not? Because earlier you claimed that you wasn't judging him...

| >>674671 not judging, just speaking how I dislike that opinion about not letting poeple say their opinions

| >>674669 i didnt ask for the gurl to call me retarded, and they did anyways, its impossible to not shove your opinion on someone on the internet, its a public space and anyone can be offended by anything

| >>674679
>its impossible to not shove your opinion on someone on the internet


| >>674681 any counters for that?

| >>5452f8
Now I feel kinda bad for making fun of you... Sorry, I guess.

| This is just really sad. Fuck. I expected this thread to have some depressing shit but this is worse. I feel really bad now.

| Lets be real, this is a rant thread, yall excpected what?

| Hope I'm not late to the ranting party.
I hate kids. I absolutely loathe children nowadays.
What kind of parent just gives them whatever at the age of 9? What kind of demonic crotchgoblin are you trying to cultivate? They've gotten everywhere! Even to porn and hentai sites! My friend's brother is a little gremlin, somehow at the age of 10 that annoying bastard has a $700 gaming pc! For free too!
I hope those little fucktrophies get treated how everyone I know did as a child.

| >>674744
dude, relax. not all kids are as awful and spoiled as you say they are. i've met some pretty chill kids with cool parents. the kids you know seem to have shitty parents that can't do their jobs right.

even if they're annoying little shits, it's not that big of a deal homie. just avoid them when you can and stop letting their mere existence piss you off lol

| Everytime I wonder if kids today are absolute cancer, I think back to my own youth, when I was pretty cancerous. Difference was that my internet access was limited to runescape community forums Neopets, and Battle.net.

Not sure how different my life would have been if I had a cellphone/tablet/gayming pc at 8, instead of a gameboy color.

| Oh, and 56k. Can't forget that.

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