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Looking your age

| So, like, why is it hard for people to fathom that not everyone "looks their age"? Some people look younger, some people look older. I just sat for half an hour sending proof and explaining to someone that me having facial hair and being tired as fuck does not mean I'm a predator trying to pretend like he's 16. I just don't shave. I've also seen people saying it's creepy to date someone who looks young, even though they're the same age as you. Society is weird man.

| If I shave I look 13.

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Same! Well, at least I think so. It's probably been half a year since last time. Still though. It's, like, either I shave and look younger or I don't and look older. There's no inbetween apparently.

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I don't look that old but I give off Viking warrior vibes...

oh wait

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I am a viking warrior, and viking warriors apparently look old.

| people are often saying me 16-17.. over that i'm some years oficially adult xd

| I sometimes sound older than what I am, sometimes I look younger.

| I'm probably going to be carded well into my senior years. That's fine, as long as I feel so young moving forward.

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Ah, yeah. Voice is also a thing. I have a friend who's 18 but gets asked for ID when he buys energy drinks (some shops here give energy drinks an age limit of 14+), because he looks and his voice makes him appear even younger.

| *looks young

| >>667966 yeah sometimes I get asked for ID for movies.

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Fucking hell, when I was 22 or 23 I had trouble ordering beer at a bar. Showing my ID didn't even help, the server was convinced it was forged.

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It's the complete opposite for me. I'm not old enough, but 75% of the time I can buy whatever the fuck I want, just because of my beard.

| one time i was at a party and a real man asked my what age i was, like, 14? told him i was 18. he immediately dropped it. perhaps cause i was drinking and he saw it? or maybe something else?
the thing is... i can't really blame him... i was actually 18, but...

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bomb ass food btw, long live NRW

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Ah, yeah. Some people are too intense with it and some people don't give a fuck. It's weird.

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what a decent reply. i'll mess it up by saying that if he was coming on me i would have welcomed it,
just imagine, i'm 18 but i look 14? a pedo's dream lel

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I guess? I mean, as long as you're of age I don't see any problem.

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aw, i wanted to see your freaked out reaction

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I rarely freakout, sorry.

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okay. you're kewl.

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