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what even is an organic food

| do you people eat plastic in the US? pretty sure all digestible food are organic

| Oh, nevermind I'm stupid. Apparently salt is inorganic so ehhhhh

| Organic food is like this:
-Use 9 times more fields and water for the same outcome as normal food
-Emit far more CO2 into atmosphere for same outcome as normal food
-Use natural pesticides that far more dangerous to human then normal pesticides
-Use natural fertilizer that can couse infections
-Sell twice as expensive as normal food

| >>628696 should be sold 9 times the price if it takes 9 times the resources.

Do the math, you hippies!


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organic food is elite food that make gmo munchers seethe

| Organic food has some insurance that it hasn't been through the massive disgusting American food corporations. It's probably only worth getting for meat and dairy products though, the fruit and veg industries are much more sanitary.

| >>628696

| Here is a good video on how organic food is defined in the U.S. it has some pros and cons.


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If you want real source
And if you just want to know where i found this info

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