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are you fags still into this shit?

| personally, I love this site but sometimes it's hard to keep going on it all the time bc it gets a bit slow. are you guys still jerkin it to Dorothy?

| bro

| I love the site but the user base seems to be getting angrier and more hateful every time I open it. The hide thread button helps, but I'd rather just not have threads which feel so offensive (as in making an attack not as in triggering someone). At least, I suppose, there's something for everyone here.

I don't mind when the board gets slow, it has always oscillated.

| bro

| >>628636
I feel that's the nature of textboards. People have to have somewhere to vent or express their feelings I suppose

| Yea i agree its gotten kinda toxic

| But not like a whole lot

| >>628642
I don't feel you should expect fluff anywhere.

Has anyone found this place BEFORE they played the game? I love the layout of this place and I think it could appeal to pretty much everyone

| >>628644 Fluff can be equally bad, though. It gets in the way of conversation the same way that antagonistic emotions do sometimes. But, a lack of anger does not equal fluff.

I myself did not find the board before the game but there have been many g/u/rls who have. They seem to be less common nowadays though.

| >>628640 There are other anon textboards I visit less frequently which have never had this phenomenon. I think the goal of the moderation determines it more than just being a textboard.

>>628642 It's not bad, but it has gotten worse recently, which implies it will continue to get worse. I'm more worried about that than the board's current state.

| >>a2678a I mean I only found this board last month after getting the game in December and now frequent it and I do agree that it does have its share of toxicity, but seeing how the mods appear to be helping out and trying new things to make the boards not collapse I wouldn't say it's going to get a whole lot worse. Maybe it's wishful thinking but they seem to be putting enough attention to the boards to make it not end up crashing and burning.

| Just look at the whole Captcha-chan stuff. That came and went but they responded to how people felt and they tried something to try and help prevent more problems. It may not have been a perfect solution but they're definitely doing work to try and help prevent spam or attacks.

| i want to marry dorothy

| >>628679
Fringe imageboard, cyberpunk themes and anime-esque settings tend to attract the worst kinds of people. See obnoxious shit like Apollo INITIATE. danger/u/ is all of that at once.
Even on the normie plains of Twitter it's commonly admitted since 2016 that you don't need to argue with anime avatars as they most commonly are either underage or edgy incels.
Anytime /pol/ or the good boys of 8chan can come and make an epic raid here, as it happened with 0chan and Arisuchan.

| First of all, more of a Stella kind of person.

Second thing is, most of the toxicicity is contained in /new/. Being a containment board, you should know perfectly what you will find, and shouldn't bother with it, no matter how good a shitpost, it isn't worth it.

As for /u/, almost never had that trouble. Maybe because I'm more of /v/ gurl and I don't lurk into /u/ that much.

| >>628633
Also I don't even like VA-11 as much and Dorothy is an annoying brat. If anything, Alma is best girl. But I like the aesthetic of the UI, reminds me of these old Cs Ware games.

| Toxicicity isn't nice but helps you learn a couple things.

Being sorrounded by awful people makes you learn who you don't want to become. Probably the only useful thing I learned from my father, and he didn't have to do anything to teach it, literally.

Insults aren't worth it. The only things worth insulting can't be described by mere words.

I don't drink because my father. My father wasting money in wine is a reality, but I prefer having VA-11 as the image of what alcohol is.

| IDEA: /vent/

| Slower boards are better than fast ones. At least you can keep up with things here and don't have to lurk or post daily.

| >>628731 sure, but it's tiresome as hell to be in contact with it constantly

| I fucking hate women. Anybody else?

| >>628743
Agreed, I feel like it would keep all that shit in there.

| >>629057 nah, people like>>b8a50a wouldn't just stay in a containment board. they're trying to make people angry and get attention, so they're gonna go where the most people see em.

| >>629059
I feel like all the crap these two last days come from that one shitposter.

| >>629061 I wouldn't be surprised if it was just one or two people either.

| >>629061

It's usually one faggot, yeah. They aren't new, though.

| >>628644 I found /u/ before playing VA-11 Hall-A. Was smart enough to lurk around to learn board culture, and have been around long enough to in turn pioneer some board culture here as well. It wasn't long till I played VA-11 Hall-A, and playing through was interesting. Certain things just clicked, and suddenly I understood every reference that I had been seeing for months up to that point. Great game.

| Hahaha how the fuck is toxicity real on an anon text board hahaha just walk away from the screen like nigga close your eyes haha

>>629055 lol
>>628715 afraid of bad internet bogeyman

| >>629092
>using the word nigguh unironically.

Go back to 4chan, we don't like your shitposting kind here.

| >>629092 I'd rather not leave this textboard though. I enjoy the place and don't want it shat up with vitriol. Just ignoring it normalizes it, and then bait is the only thing left on the board. If the least I can do is complain, complain I will.

| >>4c5b3e I suppose but damn rip arisuchan

| >>629320
This is how 4chan became the den of cancer we know, moot in his absolute incompetence kept 404'ing comfy threads and promoting trolling until it became the norm.
Then he tried to fix everything by making containement boards over containement boards without any serious moderation still. He never cared and kept buffoons as mods.
That idiot is the personnification of the 2000s "preppy nerd". To think that he made and conducted 4chan towards what it became is pure blindness.

| >>629588
Not a single thing you said is true and you have obviously never even spoken to moot nor were you around when he started the site. You don't even understand the point of 4chan if you complain about its light moderation policies wtf.

What even is the point of making up lies that hasn't been relevant for over a decade anyway?

| >>629600

I don't think its so much lying as it is that anon is clearly a newfag. Anyone who would have known the history of Moot is going to literally be in their thirties and older by this point and has moved on with their lives, while sometimes larping as a girl on niche textboards based on a niche video game.

| >>629600
moot didn't understand the point of 4chan either when he banned metathreads and was a constant defender of crossboarding.
And please, don't pretend moot knew what he did when he deleted /new/ only to make /pol/ under pressure, when he made /mlp/ because he wanted to enforce pony banning but couldn't, or when he made /lgbt/ as a id board unlike the rest. Let's not mention his disastrous handling of gamergate.

What is he to you, some kind of meme god to pray to?

| >>629602

No, just some nerdy anime fan who thought it would be cool to make a copy of a little known Japanese textboard at the time. He was never anything but a dumb kid, much like his userbase, but people soon forgot just why oldfags cringed anytime new people visited to join the "social movement," or why they said 4chan was always shit. And eventually, that dumb kid grew up, and decided to let go of the shit he made when he was 16. It was only idiots after the fact that

| tried to ascribe any sort of meaning, political or memey, to his actions, when really it was just a very tired faggot who stopped giving a shit, but pretended like he did because, being a socially recluse nerd, once again like his userbase, it was easier to try and please whomever was the majority at the time than do anything about it. Sure, we like to meme about he "betrayed" us and "sold out," but the reality is he never gave a tenth of a fuck. And why would/should he?

| I fear the day that people come to this site and also play the game of "lel secret club 4 dangerous opinions" when in reality it was a fansite shitpost made by a kid that just happened to have a less annoying, cancerous userbase. Oh wait.

| "understanding the point of 4chan."

The point is it was an "anonymous" fucking imageboard for anime.

| 4chan wasn't just /a/. Or its first containement board, /jp/, either. When you want all the fame as an admin, you accept the responsibilities of an admin. When you ban 4AM threads on /v/ because you want them to be on /b/ but tolerate flaming because lolrandumb XD, you send a message of "trolling is good!".

>the reality is he never gave a tenth of a fuck. And why would/should he?
Because he's an admin and he was riding on his 4chan fame (and kept it since canv.as was a disaster).

| And what kind of admin is an admin so out of touch with his fanbase that the first thing 8chan admins did was repelling the board culture bans?
A shitty one.

And please, don't go out accusing me of being part of the leejun because I'm not an exclusivist /a/ larper.

| Whether or not moot was a good admin or understood his board isn't very important to this board. What does matter is how his actions influenced the community there, so this community can be made into a place that suits its users, whether that means emulating or avoiding those actions. And before anybody decides that, they should know what the community wants to be. I don't want it to be toxic at all, but maybe you have another opinion? What do you want this community to be?

| >>629625

The community will be whatever the management wants it to be. Not too long ago, the board was abandoned by almost everyone and just became another unfunny /pol/lack and worse /b/. Then the maids started giving a shit again, started locking and deleting bait threads and shit threads without a second thought, and developed mass ban and deletion tools to counteract not just the russian spammer, but others as well. Leaving the decision in the "community" is a joke.

| Especially since we're all samefags here.

| >>629639 In the end, the maids do the moderating. That doesn't mean we shouldn't communicate about what we want or expect this board to be. Making our opinions known, whether or not they are accepted, lets everyone make a more informed opinion about how to interact with this place.

| >>629647

Fair enough.

| >>629248 out of touch
>>629320 reasonable. Understand where you are coming from. Hopefully the board will move in the direction you're thinking of
>>24919d I think some replies here demonstrate this

| Activity and cancerous-ness will always fluctuate up and down on Danger/u/. Always has. Life takes some g/u/rls away, and introduces other ones. Just how Danger/u/ works, it seems.

| >>629688 That's true. I've always enjoyed that the board fluctuates in frequency, so some change in content is probably good as well. I wouldn't want it to get too extreme, though.

| >>628636

| >>628636

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