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today was just boring~

| idk, I was tired I took a 2hrs nap

its 8PM now

| Have you considered taking another nap?

| Have you considered taking another nap?

| Sometimes it can be good to have a little bit of a boring day, I think, but only one at a time. I hope your tomorrow is less boring, OP.

| Sometimes it can be good to have a little bit of a boring day, I think, but only one at a time. I hope your tomorrow is less boring, OP.

| It's now safe to keep playing, OP.

| >>628052 I've been trying here and there, it seems more like it's the will of my own body than my own whether I want to sleep or not and wake up.

| >>628063 well, Tuesday was ok, Wednesday was meh because of the weather.
Thursday should be fine, there might be some films/animes/tv series I might buy before I come back from holiday.

Watched Jin-Roh, have Ghost in the Shell (original, not live action) coming home too, have Berzerk and Spirited Away (because it was something that I watched as a kid)

| >>628067 cool and good

| Cool and good

| Cool and good

| I know that feel, it sucks. Could be worse though, so just hang in there and stay cool and good.

| >>628272 in an earlier thread I talked about how I was conflicted with myself.

how I spend more time doing my own things, how I've gotten a little quiet, reclusive sometimes, relying less and less on feeling and more on logic. socially, I'm kind of a mess.

despite all that, I try to have fun etc.

| I'm starting to take breaks from "social" media.

I'd dump it, but it makes keeping in contact with family and friends difficult.

| >>628284
Yeah, I really feel that. What I did to get out of that was just to hang out with friends at every opportunity. Arrange things to do together and that kind of stuff, though that might not be the solution for you.

Yeah, fuck social media. Never liked it. I only use this and Discord, and Discord is just for talking with friends.

| >>628288 it's difficult since relatives live in different places, some even overseas, and my town is somewhat small, it feels like once you've been around the town for about a week, you've done just about everything.

I use Telegram and Discord primarily, but also chill here sometimes.

| >>628289
My town is the same. Nothing to do here, like, at all. All we've got is way too many fast food stores, and that's everything we've got. Like, actually everything. Gotta make your own fun homie. Start your own shit, or find people who are doing that. It's not easy and you gotta be lucky and you gotta get some friends, but if you manage to do it it's worth it.

| >>628295 I've the creativity of a stick, so not so easy coming up with something unless out of town.

| >>628296
Not when you tell yourself that as an excuse not to try.

| >>628371 yeah..

| anyway, I've a flight to catch tomorrow.

maybe I can think of something to do back home

| home~

| >>629051

| ok, summarising my trip

| I got Chernobyl (the HBO series), Berserk, and soon be getting Ghost in the Shell.

| Idk what went through my mind when I listened to someone suggesting I read Komi can't communicate......

| one day someone suggests Girls und Panzer, the next day I watch something that is in quite a sharp contrast to that.

| Hav you read Berserk yet?

| >>629691 hmm, haven't yet, thought about it.

| >>629702
Bro, if you think the show is even half-decent, the manga will blow you away. Trust me, it's amazing. They skip and change so much stuff in the anime, and you get everything in the manga. It's great.

| >>629703 I'm just in on the few episodes, so not so much opinion yet.

Will look into it, maybe next time I'm in the UK.

| >>629709
Well, if you like it, it's 100% worth it.

| >>629723 again, I'll have to see when I get more into the series.

| >>629691 btw, new one or older one, or just in general?

I'm confused a bit

| >>629876
What do you mean? You obviously start at the beginning.

| >>629881 sorry, I sort of had a mental "trip".

I just get confused randomly, ignore what I said.

| >>629890
All good.

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