A thread where we thank Jeff for his input.

| Thanks for the input, Jeff.

| We appreciate your standing in the counsel Jeff

| I am grateful for this input, Jeff.

| Who's Jeff?

| >>626736 he gave some input.

| Quite a valuable contribution to the community, Jeff. A round of applause!

| >>626736 idk but he looks like a nigga ballsack

| Thanks as always Jeff.

| Youre killing it jeffSniff you.later

| You're doing great, Jeff. Thank you!

| >>627145
Is he sniffing braps?

| >>627428 what ?im a genius

| Fuck off Jeff, you're overrated.

| >>627727 Jeff is sad for the harsh words.
Jeff thinks you're a cunt.

| >>627727 is a cunt.

| >>627966 Jeff sure loves getting sucked off by you

| My wife will never leave me after your sage advice Jeff

| Jeff walked backwards into my house and filled my coffee machine with expired fanta and piss.

| >>628586
didn't say 'thank you', meanie

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