Babies Aren't Cute?

| So I don't like human babies. I think they look kinda ugly, and don't know why most people think they're cute. Other things like puppies or kittens, are friggin adorable though.

G/u/rls please tell me I'm not alone in this.

| Have some of your own and get back to us.

| Of course they are not.

| They make me uncomfortable

| You're jealous g/u/rl

| I think you just don't like humans in general

| Children are literally the spawn of Satan

| >>625440
Woaw you meanie ;_;

| Also they're ugly af

| Doesn't mean they're not cute yknow...
(triple post woot)

| They appear cute mostly when they're yours bc of instincts and shit.

| They ain't cute, just plain se

| Yeah, I agree, they aren't cute

| Nah, babies are cute

| Children have their cute and noncute moments. I like children as long as I don’t have to raise them.

| Babies are def cute.

| they are too unproportional and... meh. they aren't. we all have been ugly and stupid, when we've been kids, it's okay, I guess.

| I think babies look ugly as sin, so you're not alone.

| You were babie

| and what

| >making conscious human beings so they can suffer same meaningless existence as you

| >making conscious human beings so they can suffer same meaningless existence as you

| >>627238 idk seems pretty funny lol


| What makes puppies and kittens cute is that they're more or less fully formed when they come out of the womb. They can see, walk, interact etc. Human babies are born very early in their development relative to other animals because at some point the cranium becomes too big to squeeze out. When born, human babies look like blobs, essentially. They are also immobile, have no teeth or proper vision etc. so they evoke revulsion in more people than are willing to admit it.

| I am baby and I am cute.

| >>466d7f
is baby and is cute.

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Second that

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Maybe? I don't mind them. Like, they're kinda weird, but I don't really care.

| They're scary

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