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Nofap issues

| So.
Every time I don't fap or have sex in 2-3 days I start getting extremely irritable and pissed over everything.

| I'm the exact same way. Are you me OP?

| I love sex.

| built up stress not being released

| Well, I don't know about nofap issues, all my life I have had problem with fapping in the first place. Maybe i'm just a rere case, but I can't feel anything, I have tried a lot, I even searched for tutorials because I thought I was doing something wrong, but they were just gay porn videos. I considered going to see the doctor or something, but it would be just stupid. At least is a valid reason to kill yourself, the most valid one actually.

| >>620157 killing yourself because you can't masturbate? If that actually happened, that would be the saddest cause of death imaginable. Actually worse than tripping on a turd and getting fatal brain damage. Actually worse than choking on stove gas in your sleep after you forgot to turn it off. Actually worse than hemmoragging to death from taking horse cock up your ass. Actually fucking worse than actually fucking dying from masturbating too much.

| >>620163
I mean, it's not the main issue, but i'm sure that if I was able to do it I wouldn't consider killing myself so badly.

| >>620186 that's still retarded. Like, if you're a disgraced war veteran who's being prosecuted for war crimes you had to commit under chain of command I can get killing yourself, even if I'd still personally condemn it. Not being able to get enjoyment out of touching your pp is a rather shit reason to include in your "reasons to kms" list.

| Are you even a man?

| >>620213 I do have a penis and a Y chromosome, which does biologically group me as male but I personally feel like a mix of an androgynous bipolarsexual and a fucking retard.
Yes, I am a fucking man.

| And why i'm not surprised of that answer?

| >>620233 try anal masturbation?

| >>620239
I think I will, I think I will ;_;

| >>620237 the fuck is that meant to mean?

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