We've moved to a new VPS provider!

| please let us know how's your experience, and if it's better than the previous one.

leave any criticism or hatred in this post

| it seems sex to me

| I will cum on the servers

| Now thats some good shit

| Site loads almost instantly which is nice.

| I will cum on the left side of the server

| >>610944 I will kill Virtual Private Sex.

| Remember to give the tip to your server.

| there's no meta thread so i'll have to ask here
please move a/613693 to /u/

| This website has not been blocked by the Chinese government
I love it
please keep running

| Now that captchan gone i realize this is pretty damn fast!

| >>616032 Winnie the Pooh

| >>619796 No! Stop! You will scare him!

| i liek mudkips

| dear staff, moddos, technies and associates

thank you for unbanning a certain type of three-letter IPs. last week when i tried posting and i saw it was banned i got real depressed and thought i was kicked out. i'm happy to see you let me back in!
i've been trying a lot to be a quality poster lately. not making stupid threads, no spam or flaming etc. i've even kept off the political bullshit that i usually shout online (which is new for me?)

anyways thanks and i hope spammers? die

| Maik radiu grate agan!

| this shit is like a wet pines

| cock and balls

| עומד לי הזניה

| >>459172 >>621369

| Oh? So it's not clo/u/dflare anymore? Nice!

| I think I pissed myself

| im too lazy to take 10 seconds to check myself, tell me who you switched to

| As long as there is no Captha I am in

| Yes this is mucg better

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