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What if the world *really* ended in 2012, and there are no clear signs of it?

| I know it sounds like religious nonsense, but my brain has been bugging me about it for a little bit.

| Each death is a personal Armageddon. For some people the world really did end that day.

| >>609709 that is the single most retarded, and gayest thing I've heard. Congrats anon

| >>609711
shut up you're already dead lol
go away ghost lmao

| For me, 2012 felt like the pinnacle of normal humanity and the beginning of the end of humanity. It was a wild year full of crazy shit, it was very eventful. Ever since then, ive found myself being a lot more sad, i find that ever since then, things have gotten crazier and crazier. Despite it getting more hectic, it feels dull, bland, normal. Things feel like theyre collapsing and nobody notices it. I can feel the world, our society, dying. 2012 was the beginning of the end.

| >>609719 I think most of us notice it. The world has been burning for a few years now.

| >>609708
But the world ended on Jan 1, 2000.

| >>609719 Christ, get yourself anti-depressants and some workout. Life ain't ending anytime soon, you just have a jaded lookout on things.

| Thats just you getting old

| >>609726 fucking hell, I don't even exist lmao

| >>609764 ok boomer

| >>609769
>used 'ok boomer' on millenial
>its not very effective
>im out of pp

| >>609719
You aren't alone in those regards. 2012 was the last year I had friends, I had a normal life, and everything after that year has felt so wrong. As well as everything else you mentioned I fall in complete relation to.

| >world ended when I turned 18
huh, guess that makes sense now that I think about it

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