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Let's create alternate timelines!

| Simple. Take a known event and change it. One per year, going from most recent too oldest. You skip at most 5 years. Try to avoid paradoxes. It is optional to mention direct effects of your change.

| Around 3.5 billion years ago, the first life emerged on earth. Overtime, it grew and evolved into the modern bio-diversity we know of today. From this life came our ancestors, the great apes, and from them came us. (We're about 350,000 years ago now)

The twist; the males of all penis having species have two penises, a lesser penis and a greater penis.

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"most recent to oldest"
I skipped a crucial bit of criteria in my rush to see history re-written

| The idea of further cooking bread, eg. toast or grilled cheese sandwiches was first discovered in 2014, so in this decade of research and discovery, a lot of money is being invested into cooking bread in many fancy ways, with researchers dedicated to this craft.

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Erm that's not a known event now, is it ?

| >>609549 I'm going with it. It's 2019 and grilled cheese stocks are skyrocketing. Invest in grilled cheese. Not only that, but Egypt is completely at peace. Yup. No internal conflict whatsoever. There were no riots in 2011, and everyone in Egypt is happy. Another side effect is that the 133t meme that is anonymous isn't as big anymore (because they're missing one of their key operations that brought them media coverage).

| 2008. The Beijing Olympics happen in Taiwan. The PRC doesn't participate.

| 2005
Michael Jackson was actually found guilty of the child molestation charges.
He still went on to make banger music in jail, so all songs that came after that incident were located in, and partly about, the prison that he was located in until he died

| 2004: George Bush accidentally refers to Florida as 'Cuba' in a campaign stop. When the audience laughed, he doubled down and said the mistake was understandable as they 'both have palm trees and communists.'

The ensuing scandal was projected to have cost him ~5% of the Floridian vote, narrowly tipping the state, and therefore the election, to John Kerry.

| 2001: The twin towers stand happily after 11th of September, as, during the day Bush was meant to launch the operation, he got high and passed out.

| August 7th 2000: DeviantArt is launched, but a day later is shut down as the founders are gifted prophetic knowledge of the monster they would have unleashed otherwise.

| current year, current day: luna is successful

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