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My girlfriend's husband is getting on my nerves

| >tell my girlfriend's husband to go play on his switch while i do the sex
>suddenly he opens the door while shes riding
>"hey come check out my pokemon collection"
should i take his nintendo switch for a week?

| In your place I'd rather reduce his soy milk intake for a week, really gets to them.

| If you take his Switch he'll go feral. It wouldn't be a threat, but it would be really fucking annoying and he might break some stuff. I recommend that the next time he bothers you while doing the sex you do the sex with him and hope he doesn't like it.

| Wait for him to find a shiny pokemon and start sucking his dick. See how he likes it.

| You need to approach this subject with sensitivity. He doesn't know any better!

Take him on a 'guy's day', just the two of you. Maybe play catch at the park, buy him some ice cream? Then sit him down to talk.

Start by explaining that you aren't angry and that he has nothing to be ashamed off. Then continue by telling him about the importance of knocking, of privacy, and respecting the boundaries of the house. If you do it right this will be a good learning opportunity for him.

| You need to buy him some more pop funkos

| Take his nintendo switch

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This thread is permanently archived