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what's it like to hold the hand of someone you love

| I really don't know how it feels

| never done this and it will never happen

| I hope to experience it someday.

| Is this even possible?

| Hold my hand and we'll find out OP. ;)

| Don't know what it is, but sounds gross

| Interlinked.
>Koran seem bash

| >>609233
Did they teach you how to feel finger to finger?

| >>609235 fucking nope

| It's warm and soft.

| It's like sticking your hand into a soft warm apple pie.

| >>609350
Fuck that! I'll get all sticky and shit and I'll have to wash my hands and cry in a corner because I can never hold their hand without feeling that horrifically uncomfortable sensation.

| cells within cells interlinked.

| It's fucking wonderful, I'll tell you. Especially during colder seasons, 'cause I tend to keep my hands warm better and the feeling of comforting someone is just great

10/10 would do again

| Hold your own hand. Otherwise, do you hate yourself...?

| I don't like holding hands. I'd rather my hand be on her ass and her hand on my cock.

| Knew this feeling for three years but now its gone forever, is the pain worth the memories?

| >>609233 >>609376 <3

| >>609458 <3

| >>609458 >>609584


| >>609458 >>609584 >>609587

| >>609458 >>609584 >>609587 >>609592

| >>609587 >>609592 >>609596 <3

| One time I kissed with a girl that i was obsessed with. She turned out to be a slut sociopath.The kiss felt very good though.

| >>609636 maybe I am getting dumb but how do you>slut sociopath
For real, I need to know

| Dis is what good hands holding is like... >>609458 >>609584 >>609587 >>609592 >>609596 >>609625

| Kissing is for rubes

| Hey g/u/rls. I want to hold a hand, but I'm scared I'll get cooties. Any suggestions?

| >>609744
Use gloves.
Protected handholding.

| >>609734 indeed.

| It depends on how you both hold hands, really. Some people squeeze a lot some move their thumbs around overall it just depends on habit. Find a comfortable way your hands fit together and usually you just gain good vibes.

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