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I think I'm becoming a delinquent

| I've always been a lawful and good boy, but I'm the last few months I'm slowly becoming a delinquent. I come late to school almost every day, I sometimes completely ignore assignments, I vape and I've come really close to skipping classes. I'm slowly but surely becoming more and more like this. The only reason I really come to school is to hang out with friends, and the rest I don't really care about, at all. It actually makes me feel miserable. I think I need help.

| Bad influence, perhaps? I'm acquainted with a gal back from high school who has been dating one of my friends since then, suffice it to say, his tendencies rubbed off on her and now she's nowhere near as pure as she used to be. She even swears from time to time, a horrid display of her folly.
Bad company really does seem the most common root of such a change.

| First question; hold old are you?

| Yanki girl kyaaaaaa!~ Notice me senpai

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No. I don't have anyone like that. All the people around me are good at doing good stuff and being good boys and girls. I only have one friend who doesn't do shit, but he's been like that for years. So I doubt it's that.

I'm 16, so I've only got one and a half years of school left before I can start working, so I hate that I'm slipping up now.

| If being a delinquent is making you feel miserable, then why are you even doing it? Go to class. Do your assignments. Stop vaping.

What's making you feel this way in the first place? Life feels a bit empty? Maybe get a hobby. Find something you can get excited about.

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I have lots of cool hobbies, I have good friends and there's a lot of good things in my life, but I just have zero motivation and not a lot of happiness in me, even when I'm doing things that should make me happy. I go to class, just a little later than I should. I do my assignments, just not when I feel like shit. It would be good to stop vaping, I'm not quitting it anytime soon as it's one of the few consistent things that can make me feel good and withdrawals are hell.

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It's not that it makes me feel miserable, I feel miserable already. It's because I feel so fucking bad that I do it. Feeling miserable completely drains me for any motivation, especially when it comes to doing completely useless stuff school. Obviously school isn't useless in the long run, but it doesn't feel worth it to go there. The only thing that makes me want to go is that I'll get to hang out with my friends for, like, 30-60 minutes during the school day.

| Uhh, not an expert, but it sounds like you might have clinical depression, op. Any chance of seeing a therapist?

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I am seeing a therapist actually, and it's not depression. He's actually not sure what it is. We've spent weeks and weeks going through and testing me for different mental illnesses, but didn't find anything. He says that there's no doubt I've got mental issues, but there's not really a name for it that we've been able to find.

| Teenagers just have those phases. I went trough it, was a good student until my last year. I simply got burnt out and the school asked for so much unecessary garbage, the closer it is to graduation.

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I guess you could look at it like that. It's, eh, idk. I'm not really healthy mentally and it's been like that for a while. I haven't been able to do the super unnecessary school work for years now, but now I can't even do the stuff I need to. There's also the fact that my school has a system that makes it so you automatically fail a class if you skip it 3-5 times, so I basically loose the whole school year if I fuck up for a week or two.

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>3-5 times
Oof. My college has similar restrictions, so I just push myself to go to class even when I'm physically incapable of being productive. Some days I fail at even that.

I'm not really sure how to help you though, op. It's good that you're seeing a therapist. It's good that you're recognizing that you have a problem. I guess only thing I can say is, just keep trying your best. Trying is good enough.

| >>609316 I have the same issues op (except vaping ew plz stop). If you find out what they call whatever this is, please let me know.

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Thanks. I am trying. I'll continue to try, but it's getting so, so tiering. Everything moves so slow and I just sit there and feel horrible for hours and hours, with the only breaks being lunch and my smoke breaks.

If I find out I'll tell you. It seems my therapist has given up on it though. We'll see.

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>why are you depressed? just be happy. lole

| Which is what I believe you to have, OP, despite what your therapist may say. Maybe not the clinical kind though. More of a result of burnout. Honestly, the best thing to deal with exhaustion is to take a break, which you should most definitely do when you have the time. Just drop everything when you're home and recharge your mental batteries.

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That's what I do, but it's just really hard. I also fucking suck at sleeping so I just become more and more exhausted by the day until I have a day where I basically faint and then it starts again. I'm just really fucking burnt out out as you said. Exhausted both mentally and physically and I just don't know what to do.

| Drop out and find your passion, dont let the institution get you down. Embrace your degeneracy because thats what makes us human.

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I would love to pursue my passions but I have no motivation to do so, so if I drop out I'll most likely end up doing nothing. Maybe I'm underestimating myself, but maybe not.

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| Well, shit. I skipped halfy classes today. It was some of the ones that I care the least about and I wasn't able to concentrate at all so it would only make me feel even worse to be there, but it's not a good development.

| *half my

| Same thing,bruh.
3 years ago I was in 10 grade and I had the same issues, but even more severe.
I systematically skipped classes, couldn't find any motivation to do anything.
I half-assed 2 years of my life.
The only thing I was good at is English, because I like reading novels and manga,translations of which I couldn't find in my native language.
After school I couldn't get into the university, because of bad results at the final exams. My English exam was really good though.

| After sitting my ass at home for a year I could finally get to the university.I thought that here everything would be different. I thought that if I liked learning languages, then I would have the motivation to study better.But here I am.Slacking off as usual.The most shitty point of this situation is that I blame myself but I don't have a will to change anything.
Sadly,I don't have an opportunity to see a therapist as you do,I think that something is definitely wrong with my head.

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Why can't you go to one?

| >>609651 it's too expensive for me. Money that I have are only sufficient for my daily needs, I can't even afford to buy a new phone.

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Damn. That sucks. Whenever you start earning enough I highly recommend it. It helps a lot.

| Being a delinquent isn't a bad thing as long as you're good at heart. Be kind to people, no matter what you find is fun. It's okay to vape as long as you vape respectfully.

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Thank you. That made me feel really nice. I'm becoming a delinquent for sure, but I'm not an asshole and enjoy being nice to people, so I guess I'm fine then. Well, not education wise, but personality wise.

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