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What do you think about trans people?

| I don't mind traps / feminine men at all. It's your right to look like whatever you want

It's not possible to change one's gender, however. There's simply too much difference between men and women

For such an opinion I've been called a transphobe several times. Because of this cancel culture I had to leave Twitter, Discord and Reddit completely

What do you think about all this?

P.S.: If this is a trans site as well, sorry! I didn't mean to offend you

| Is there a word like feminazis for pro Trans people? Because if they reacted butthurt to such a magnitude, they definitely are.
Your opinion is not offensive.
Continue using Twitter/Discord/Reddit, just don't stay around those people. Most ppl don't care wether or not someone is trans. There's no need to actively talk about it

| In my eyes they're just people. Nothing more, nothing less. I wouldn't give them any preferential treatment, and I would support them if they're being discriminated against. Just like with everyone else. I think it's good that they're able to be open about something like that and make an effort to become happier, but I don't think it's good to treat the differently to other people (no matter if it's positive or negative).

| Most of them are fucked up mentally.
Vast majority of them will never pass.
Some of them are cute and/or hot.
Gender theory is stupid in general and should be changed to something like 'I'm a boy who looks and acts like a girl' or vice versa. Because yes, you can't change genes and biology.

| >>608895
Yes, they are prone to mental illness, but I don't think they become trans because of mental illness, I believe they get mental illnesses from being trans.

I also find all the stuff around both gender and sexuality to be stupid. Yeah, I believe it's a spectrum, but honestly, who cares? You don't need names and labels for every little detail about yourself. You are who you, you feel what you feel, and that's just how it is. Don't try to simplify nor complicate it.

| People who say you can't change genes or biology: one, yes you can. But in any case, what does 'act like a girl' have to do with biology... because someone has a cock they biologically aren't able to wear a skirt or talk a certain way?

| >>608897 but that's the thing, people go trans because of gender dysphoria, a mental disorder. Sad that instead of trying to find the cure for the root of the problem, people choose to go along with delusions of those suffering from it. It's disingenuous and ultimately harmful to the individual, it's no wonder such a high percentage of post-op trans people suffer from depression and suicidal tendencies.
>>608901 there are certain societal norms though, and they are based on it

| >>608901
Please show me an example of a pregnant mtf trans.

| >>608906
*who have not committed suicide yet

| As we all know, suicide is 100% internal ans not affected by the society you live in

>>608906 so if you say someone's a woman the only reason that might be a relevant label is they can reproduce?

>>608905 going along with delusions. So it's delusional for someone to act in a certain way if you disagree with how it lines up with their genitals. Seems pretty weird, but in any case, i guess fhat means what's masculine or feminine has never changed?

| Degenerates

| I'm not trans and actually straight but I'm a feminine man still yet. I get made fun of for wanting to be more like a "housewife" staying home while the woman works.

| >>608919
Not all of them.

| >>608905
Trans people who are suicidal after the operation were suicidal before too. There are a lot of trans people who kill themselves before any operation, and while a lot of the ones who go through with it are still depressed afterwards, it does help some of them, so I feel like that's worth it. I also don't believe that being trans is a mental illness. Like, it has been proven multiple times that trans people have a biologically different brain than non-trans people.

| Yeah, it's not normal and it's not supposed to be like that, but that's just how it is. It's not a mental illness, just like sexual attractions aren't a mental illness. It's just something that's different, and I hate how some people just can't accept that. That they're so in their own little bubble of theories with no evidence that they hate people who are different and call it an illness. Not saying you're one of those, I just needed to get that out.

| >>608924



I was about to call you out but then I went looking for the sauce, from a non-news outlet, and found the actual study.

Guess you learn something new everyday.

| >>608910 if they wholeheartedly believe they are a female when they are male, then yes, these are, by definition, delusions
>>608924 here : https://www.gulfbend.org/poc/view_doc.php?type=doc&id=8812&cn=7. Does that mean we must also entertain the delusions of schizophrenic people?

| >>608923
Yes all of them

| R/itsafetish

| >>608931
Wait, what? How does what I said have anything to do with schizophrenia? Didn't I just explain that it's something biological and not a mental illness? Fuck off.

| Yeah, schizophrenia can be caused by biological reasons, no shit. It's like that with a lot of things. Schizophrenic shit is not the same as trans stuff in any way though. People who are trans are biologically more feminine/masculine in their head. Like, men who identify as females have been proven to have a brain that's closer to that of a female than that of a man. You are very obviously uneducated on this.

| >>608926
I'm gonna go and cut my dick off and wear pretty dressed, that's not a mental illness, nothing to worry about

| >>608939 and a schizophrenic's brain tricks him into believing all manners of shit. Either way, that's just one example, you could take many a mental illness and make the comparison. Also, the power of the brain is not to be underestimated, here : https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/2760599/. The brain is a complicated thing, and it will change itself in ways incomprehensible, such as this. This, however, does not mean it's correct. Optical illusions are the easiest example.

| >>608942
You're clearly not listening to what I'm trying to say. It's been scientifically proven that trans people have brains that are physically closer to the opposite gender. That is not a mental illness.

| >>608945 and how is it different from your brain tricking you? The problem seems to stem from the persons brain not associating itself with it's physical body, why is that a physical condition and not one of the mind?

| Trans=mental illness

| >>608946
Because their brains are PHYSICALLY DIFFERENT. Jesus. How hard is it to take in those two words? PHYSICALLY DIFFERENT. Not mentally different, not a mental illness, not a delusion. Yes, it's not normal. Yes, the transitioning process does change their bodies in unnatural ways, but it's their fucking choice. It's their bodies. Why does everyone want to control other people's lives? Why is it so hard to just accept the fact that not everyone's identical to you? Shit.

| Chill, all y'all.

| >>608959
I'm sorry...

I got too carried away.

| You can't change how you're born. I don't see what I have to acknowledge anyone playing pretend as the real thing when they obviously aren't. Disfiguring your own body won't change it. Biology is different, look at trans in women's sports.

| I don't think anything. Idgaf about strangers. I was friends with two trans people in the best, but I'm not really friends with them anymore. Not because they were trans, just because I moved away

| Traaaaaaash

| It's a detail that doesn't bother me in the slightest unless they pester me with it all the time.

Just be normal, not incredibly fucking obnoxious or something.

| They are human beings who have made choices I respect but can not understand.

As a wise character once said :
"A quantum supercomputer calculating for a thousand years could not even APPROACH the number of fucks I do not give."


| >>609044 ooga booga?

| >>609045
gruk nugan grapor

| >>608956
I think the previous g/u/rl's argument is that a schizophrenic/other people with mental problem's brain is ALSO physically different.

Which I pretty much agree with, but also a non-neurotypical person myself I know it's not something that can be "cured". It's something we learn to live with.

Some folks take drugs to deal with their brain oddity. For a trans person, I suppose changing their body is one way to do that, and if that's what it takes, I'll support that.

| >>609080
but that's not what it takes, it only fucks them up further
therapy is what it takes. it's just a matter of self-acceptance. nothing too mystifying

| >>609080 Christ, put it better than my own words.
As for a possible cure, I found this : https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/8839957/, but it's temporary and could prove ineffective from individual to individual, although you could say the same for other such illnesses.
The thing I am most concerned about is how other people seem to support people suffering from gender dysphoria in their tendencies. Just seems wrong to me, disingenuous, snubbing. It shouldn't be treated as such.

| everyone's the same as long as they all behave the same

| >>609081
Well, yes! Some people need theraphy. Some people need meds. Some people maybe just, I dunno, need to meditate everyday. Trans people maybe just need to change how they're seen.

None of that is wrong! We're all different. No one should be prevented from finding a way to live with themselves.

| Heres my thoughts, as a trans person. Scientifically gender is fluid, surgeries and hormones makes becoming a diffrent gender possible, call it what you will but after a full transition they have changed genders. In the future itll be even closer transitions or exact. If your trans your are what you need to be, gender literally doesn't even exist it's just genes. Were all gonna die so why be a prick about something like this with your emotions. I'm a girl now, physically.

| >>609153
Yes! Thank you! You're the goodest person!


| they're fine irl, but i swear in the internet find people in twitter and discord (including danger/u/ discord *cough*) suck their dicks for simply being trans, being more tolerant towards them while some of these people are just being dicks to people for whatever reason they feel like, tried to call them out but nobody gave a shit about it.

| >>609162
>gender doesn't exist it's just genes
bro you smoked something go back to biology class... you can't just pretend to base yourself on science and not know a single thing about how it works, instead contradicting yourself in a single sentence...
i've seen videos of a small donkey that thinks it's a rabbit

| there is currently no sex change possible at this stage of technology, I think that's more important right now to just make people realize that because that would be easier than going through all those other question we don't have definite answers to yet, but definitely lots of bullshit and opinions

| I'm a trans woman. AMA.

| >>609330 how do you make a Sugar Rush?

| >>609367
it's almost entirly karmotrine with 2 adelhyde and 1 powdered delta

| I always question people who brings up statistics like "most trans people are this and that". I don't even know how many trans people there are in my city. Where did y'all pull these numbers from???

| >>609482
Oh you know it, sis.

| >>609482 oh, I've got some great statistics for ya. Did you know that despite making up only 13% of US population...

| Something I've noticed about the people who care so much about trans rights and pronouns and all that is that often times they aren't even trans, and that they speak for individuals as if they were a hivemind. As such I tend to have negative connotations towards trans people, but I have to remind myself "not all of them are like that".

| >>609505
There definitely can be a "wokeness" performance with some non-trans people that I've experienced. I'm trans but I don't really like being asked my pronouns IRL because to me it just feels like they're saying "hey you look kinda weird and IDK how to refer to you." I don't mind when people ask online because it actually makes sense online since you can't see what someone looks like in a chat room or whatever.

| >>455753
And see, this is why we assume everyone on the internet is a g/u/rl

| >>dc2ccd dude, do you believe that i was called a transphobe by the same reasons? and like i am transgender, i was born a boy but i like to refer to myself in female pronouns and... you know im just an average "trap" with the difference that at the end i know im a 20yo man, and i accept it, i know i am, i cant change my freaking chromosomes, i feel fine like i am and i know ppl r different, maybe some other trans ppl feel triggered and stuff but in my opinion thats bullshit.

| i am really enjoying what people think about trans people bexause in real life, there are people that hate me for being like that but act fake when im around, maybe avoiding conflict idk, but in the internet, we, tthe g/u/rls release the beast and thats fascinating.
p.s. i havent seen anything bad by the time im typing this

| >>75aa80 i can't disagree since i am really fucked up, im even using danger/u/ lately
>>0c0ddf good theory
>>b8c4ec ... ouch
... thx for being sincere tho
>>d865b1 yay me too
>>08f7b2 everyone on the internet is a g/u/rl my fellow g/u/rl

really interesting thread, congrats to the OP

| Trans people are pretty great, it sucks when people are like "haha I'm trans because I'm a tomboy" because it invalidates real trans people like my dad or any of my trans friends.

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