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Does /u/ ever get dr/u/nk


| ?

| >game about being a bartender

| >duh

| FUCK NO, alcohol is for losers.

| >>608721 this, but completely unironically. Even if it didn't make your brains into mush, it still tastes like shit

| >>608734
"All of an incredibly wide array of drinks taste like shit"

| >>608734 what>>608759 said, theres such a huge selection of alcoholic drinks you cant just group them into one. Dont drink like five drinks like a fuckin idiot if you dont want your "brain to be mush", sorry your parents are alcoholics and you never learned what self control looks like tho

| >>608759 >>608817 yeah, except it's the fact they're alcoholic that makes them shit. That damn cologne aftertaste is toxic, I tell you. Don't get how can you enjoy it.
Oh, and rather nice of you to presume that my parents are alcoholics. Thank Christ they aren't though. I've barely drank myself, enough to get a taste of most of the popular drink, not enough to fill up even a couple of glasses. I'm basing that opinion off other people, who just start acting out of themselves with...

| >>608759 >>608817 alcohol, like they're completely different. Shit's fucking weird and I don't like it one bit. Now, yeah, that's because they drink the poison too much, which I've been trying to prevent to no avail. In my country the alcohol problem is generally apparent to the naked eye, so I cannot associate it with anything aside from another method of smoothing the populations brains by the government. Dumb, drunk, distracted or all of the above, people are easier to control.

| Yes.
Alcohol is great.

| >>608824 You sound like emo wannabe Russian teen, who's afraid of reality

While addiction is certainly a problem to you and those around you there is no harm in sharing a bottle with a group of friends to get rid of the any possible awkwardness and enjoy the unrestricted talk

| >>608869 I really don't get how can alcohol help with conversation. I find that it just brings out the worst in people. Debauchery seems a close acquaintance of strong drink.

| >>608903
Well, if you don't measure your drinks with gallons...

| >>608904 perhaps I keep bad company, either way experience taught me that alcohol is not to be trusted. And at the end of the day, I am at no power to stop anyone from doing anything.

| I would hope so this entire forum is based off a game where you serve drinks to people.
BTW if you hate the taste of alcohol I HEAVY recommend Jim bean's honey whiskey being mixed with those cheap ass peach sodas it's pretty amazing.

| Alcohol is great in controlled amounts, just like most other things. I find it easier to talk to people, and it's v comf and tasty in the right drinks. I don't find that alcohol brings out the worst in people. In fact, I find it does quite the opposite in my experience. Perhaps your friends are just a bad kind of drunk. Everyone reacts differently to different alcohols. Can't just go around saying "all alcohol makes everyone evil uwu".

| >>608823 and besides. You said it yourself. "I've barely drank myself". I'll agree with you when you say a lot of the popular stuff tastes bad, but I'll have to disagree with you when you say that it's because of their alcohol content that they taste bad. You have yet to find your own set of comfy drinks that you like is all. And if you chose to never find your set of comfy drinks and abstain, all the more power to you. I won't make you drink.

| >>608991 It's the aftertaste of spirit that fucking grosses me out. Punches you in the throat like a goddamn MMA champ. That's what always weirds me out, why the hell do people like strong drink, when it fucks up your throat in addition to all that other crap that comes from drinking? How the hell does that feel good? It's an incomprehensible thing to me, I am at a complete loss when it comes to the reasons why people drink.

| >>608996 Like I said. Different people react differently when drinking different drinks. Most drinks make me comfy. It would seem as though most drinks deck you "like a goddamn MMA champ". My throat never burns when drinking - even the> 40% stuff, and the drinks I drink don't give me any awful MMA champ aftertaste.

| >>609004 Jesus Christ, can't even imagine drinking anything above 40%, seems like hell on earth

| >>609007
There are drinks above 40 abv, and you can't tell it from the taste, like turkey 101.

| >>609009 how the hell can you not tell it from taste?! Shit's probably like concentrated ethanol, goddamn.

| >>609010
Ooooh I see you know the taste of pure ethanol. Good for you.

With that said, yes alcohol is toxic, from the first drop. There is no benefit to your health from it. (exceptions exist, but always in dire and desperate situation, and these benefits do not come from ingestion most of the time, so it'd be out of topic)

But fermented drinks can have great taste. Delicious sometimes.

Basically that.

Also not all people who drink get drunk.

| >>609010
However I doubt (very highly so) that you can accurately tell the ethanol concentration of any fermented beverage by merely tasting it. You could even be wrong if asked to sort them by ethanol % of volume...

But you know, maybe I'm wrong.

Tldr, if there's alcohol in your drink it's bad for your health.

| >>609013
btw I shouldn't have used the word "concentration" when referring to alcohol by volume. sry for confusion.

| >>609010

I'm surprised no one has brought this up in this thread yet but oh well

Alcoholic drinks really are an 'acquired' taste. After you've grown used to the flavour of the alcohol, there's a whole array of other flavours below to savour.

Granted, for most drinks, those are still strong flavours. That's why things like Whiskey and Vodka aren't for everyone. But I'm enjoying a glass of whiskey right now - just enjoying, not drinking enough to get drunk.

| hey can you decide for me whether i go to the store right now and get a drink pls

| >>609039
cmon cunts

| >>609039 >>609061 no

| >>609039
Make some gun tonic.

| >>609064
yay and also no i will get pastis

| >>609068

| >>609069

| I hate alcohol, so that would be a no.
I used to smoke weed but I have given that up as well.

| About a liter a week since my fiancee died.

| >>608914

I'd personally suggest a Blue Moon or other wheat beers.

Bloody things taste like orange juice or orange soda.

| Hum, I'll have a bad touch.

| I do. But I try to avoid it. I mean, I mostly drink due to taste (I have a few drinks I actually like), curiosity (new beers, wines and liquors with new taste are being produced everyday, and trying new things every so often is something I enjoy), and for social crap (you know, congresses, marriages and whatnot). That being the case, one thing is to drink, and another thing is drink until I die. Eventually you learn to put quality before quantity, unless you do have a death wish.

| I only drink alone.
I'm not an alcoholic or anything,
I just hate making a fool of myself.
I like winding down a good day with a shot of Spirytus and some Dark Souls

| I don't really, I got very, very weak head, like I can drink a 0.2ml of like, I dunno, 30-40% liquor and I will just be wasted, helicopters and shit, and the buzz is never worth shit feeling after and next day
I also have bit of bad associations with it since I worked a year in the club/bar.
Too bad I might have to work again in one too if I want to make it in new city, if I ever make it to one before killing myself.

| >>67fd5d >>46e70b >>7ae616 are you g/u/rls pretending to be each other? Your ID colours are w a c k.

| I tend to drink fairly often these days, but just for taste. It takes too much booze to actually get me drunk, and I cant afford that shit. It ain't worth it.

| Gonna go to Sam's place tonight.
He makes godlike old-fashioned.

| >>609019
Thank you for bringing this up.
From my experience, people that are new to drinking are either completely focused on taste, or just ignore it and just want to be drunk

When drinking with friends/in a group, getting peer pressured into drinking can be rather common with inexperienced ppl. Some just go for the effect & ignore the taste/get over it. (Then there's those that want to be cool/show how hardcore they are)

| When it comes to the ones that focus on taste, a proper introduction is crucial.
Those ppl are fucked if their group is only there for the effect. Either start with weaker alcohol or properly mixed stuff. Once you build a "tolerance" to the taste, you can go for higher alcohol content. also depends on the quality of the Drink. Cheap vodka will only taste like ethanol, which sucks.

| From there on, it's usually just what flavors you like more. Bitter, sweet, dry, fruity, maybe sth that fills your throat with softly burning warmth while drinking.

>nazis sate cong

| Im a raging alcoholic. I love me some whiskey and burbon after a long day. I don't drink to forget, I drink because I love alcohol and I love being drunk

| >>609365 g/u/rl, are you drunk?

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