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What would be the best comfy recipe to make and share with someone you really care about?

| In the event that I am no longer single g/u/rl, I would like to treat the cutie with something that would heighten a wholesome experience. I wanna go Jun’s kitchen on their ass!

There was this gelatinous peach cake thing I saw once and I feel like it would be cool to have. Or do you think I should go with medovik? Non dessert suggestions are cool too. Just think of what you would like to have cooked for you/what you’d cook for a precious motherfucker.

| Your genital sex juices

| Ice cream with a dash of semen.

For a serious answer, that very much depends on the person. I feel like no matter what food or dessert you make they'd love it as long as it's decent, simply because it's a really nice gesture. If you don't have a SO it's hard to figure out what your SO would like, so maybe just make things that you want to eat and go from there?

| Miso soup!


jk cakes are really nice.

| I don't like eating or cooking, but if my boyfriend make me something a meal, I think I will like it no matter what it is.

As long as it's edible.

And that they don't expect much reaction from me. Eating is a chore for me even when the food is good.

So yes, it will definitely depends on who your loved one is, op.

| In the middle of the summer... Go to one of those local icecream places that has a special 50$ ice cream bowls that take like 8 kids an hour to eat.

Buy one, and finish it. Arm wrestle to see who gets to lick the bowl.

| Chicken stock, potatoes and carrots plus a little mushrooms stew. Reasonably cheap materials, easy to make, and it tastes great.
I'm inexperienced with making desserts or anything with sweet taste, sorry.

| For making chicken stock, use a chicken carcass. They are cheap and are great for making soup and stew.

| Another easy to make dish is garlic shrimps. All it needs are minced garlic, shrimps, a little bit of oil and salt. Cleaning shrimps may take a bit of time but once you start cooking it can be done under ten minutes.

| Irish beer stew for the main.
Vanilla and strawberry angel roll cake for dessert.

| Anything you can make together and have fun at. I love making stuff with people! Cooperating in the kitchen can be chaotic, but enjoyable. For a real comfy thing you two can make together (especially on a cold day), try hot apple cider. All you have to do is pour some apple juice in a pot, heat it up, put some spices in a cloth, and steep it in the hot apple juice for a while. Uber comfy, chill, and layed back (both to make and enjoy afterwards).

| Used to make an awesome brownie cheesecake. Sadly, I've lost the recipe and can't find it on the internet. It's like cheesecake between two layers of brownie with some cherries inside. This was really my peak...
>sad memories intensify
Tbh, everything a little complicated works if you wanna cook together. Just make sure there is enough work for both, so no one gets bored

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Why don't you like eating and cooking? They are the best things, aside from being with someone you love!

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