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| Long time no see g/u/rls
Now it's time to choose for old time sakes.

Peepee or Poopoo?

| sry didn't guess who's back...

| >>605980 poopoo is from the back. not front.

| um welcome back

| Who're you?

| Poopoo. Poopoo is the best!

| >>605990 im an older G/u/rl who used to post on here. Back when the app was owned by an older developer. Shit was comfy when it was less known. And everyone who used this app was a g/u/ rl who played Valhalla. But i don't mind this new look. Just wish we had some of those nice camos from the old build. Plus these captchas suck T_T

| I miss you.

| Begone

| >>606153

Sadly we couldn't keep those skins since they were owned by said dev.

| Hello Back! I am g/u/rl!

| Unfortunately, we had a couple spammers, so captchan had to be implemented.

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This thread is permanently archived