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why do people hate my audio edit

| so i have this edit of playboi carti (rapper) saying 'im gonna suck this dick' that i made and i showed it to a playboi carti discord server (sorry) and i got insta banned but considering that it was a reddit server i didnt find that surprising since reddit mods are ban happy but!
today i uploaded it into my cod clan discord and i got kicked off the clan what the fuck is wrong with the audio seriously its not like theres a evidence that shows who killed epstein in it

| heres the audio
the admin of catbox will probably ban me and call the police on me due to how impacting the file can be, nobody really needs to know that he's gonna suck that dick anyways.
actually, prefetcher might come to my house and force me to suck her dick for posting this

| This audio clip has offended me and now I'm gonna call the bully police and tell them, what you did

| That must really suck dick, to have your audio edit hated.

| I like your audio clip.

| As a Playboi Carti fan, I am doxxing you and I will tell my fellow fans where you live and we are going to beat the shit out of you.

Don't fuck with us clowns.

| its pretty clean! my friend does sentence mixing and its near impossible to understand what's being said but you made it intelligible.

idk why they all got a problem with it

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This thread is permanently archived