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Praise me

| Pretty please? I need it.

| homete!


| >>601328 hidoi..

| You rock!

| Yo mama is so fat, she- birthed a wonderful person like you.

| Knock knock

| I can't believe how amazing you are, you should totally become gurl of the month

| >>601352 >>601359 >>601528
I love you, guys. Thank you.
It's been a difficult week full of despair, but you made it a lil'bit better.

| >>601364
Who's there ?

| >>601602
You are :)

| >>601605

| Actual positivity in threads?!?! Unheard of. (Came here to talk shit, left feeling better >:( god damnit danger/u/ )

| >>601715
Die of a very sudden and painless death after a long, healthy and pleasant life, you ducking kwaker of a wonderful human being !

| >>601715
Last summer there were several positive wholesome threads where people shared good news about themselves or what they thought about fellow posters. It was comfy.

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This thread is permanently archived