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Danger/u/ was mentioned in a 4chan thread

| Hey rogue anon, you think I didn't see you posting "danger/u/ but it's full of trannies" right now on /g/? Bitch, you'd better not post this sekrit club to the autists.

| Hope anons from 4chan come and destroy the will of the trannies, thread quality here falls a lot when they try to be relevant again.
I also find curious how trannies and pedos always seem to get active here in the same time frames

| woah where.
link >>601200

we all have one of those in us>>601215

| >trannies and pedos always seem to get active here in the same time frames
this is blatantly false. danger/u/ only has enough collective brain space for one stupid argument anyways.

It might be time for new biomass but can't we get members from someplace else? I really don't want this website to be 4chan part eight or whatever.

| >>601252 ctd: I just went and checked and the only thread about trans people is on /new/ and made by not a trans person to complain about trans people. They are not active at the same time. Are you a strawman?

| >>601200
>complains about trannies
>browses /g/

wtf. my dude. trust me, /g/ is way gayer than /lgbt/. most threads on /g/ are:
>rainbow mechanical keyboards
>anime lolis
>intel vs amd or some other cuck shit
>desktop threads
>programming socks discussion
>dragon dildo unboxing

i guess all the good /g/entoomen are gone

| >>601263

That's just a g/u/rl whose sole existence is to create bait threads. Their favorite subjects are trannies and pedos. I doubt the website was even mentioned on 4chan, and even if it was, it's old news- the board was originally advertised on /g/ literally years ago.

| >>601227 >>601280
Now that the thread is now archived

| >404

| >>601312

alternate chan alliance? lmfao

| >>601276 if intel vs amd is cuckshit, what kind of processor do you use, gurl?

| >>601427 food processor on my pedo uncle

| >>601429 /tech/ would love you

| kek, /g/ is like the gayest, most tran infested, board on 4chan, the whole programming socks bit started on /g/.

| >>601427
i use amd

| >>601427
but i think that those threads are cuckshit because anons are fighting and shilling for their favorite evil megacorporation. quite cyberpunkiah tbhon. it's like the threads about marvel vs dc in /tv/

| Funny how post quality always drops sharply when reddit or 4chan get involved.

>turgid ebola nude
A surprising accurate captcha for the subject of the post!


| /g/tards complaining about danger/u/ while picking which color should their 3rd pair of programming thigh highs be

| >programming thigh highs
I didn't know this was a thing, kek.
[s]Where can I find pictures of this.[/s]

| >>7d6160 I just hate the edgy kids saying how done with life they are

| >>601606 Yeah, that gets annoying really fast

| >>601653 worst part is it always gets attention so it fucking spread like a cancer

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