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Should /burg/ be balance?

| share your dangerous opinions!

I vote for angry supremacy!!

| Burg is a sign of the times. So it deoensa...

| depends*

| Mind has to stay calm and so has the burg

| Angry burg


| the burgs are always balanced.
the strongest side always decides to stop breeding so that their balance of power holds its harmony.
the numbers will move again, and so the times will.

| Fuck balance, lets do Burg War 2 !

| I personally think that the balance is one of the factors that make /burg/ feel dull. The only thing that is needed is angry burg supremacy, so we could assert our dominance on these burgfags and show them who's angery.

| Captcha >>>drastically lowered the chance of the second burg war. No, we shouldn't war between burgs. We must war the free ALL burgs! The admins have long abandoned /burg/ and ignored our pleas for freedom. No captcha for /burg/!!

| Captcha on a board that was created to be spammed? What a cruel joke.

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This thread is permanently archived