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| If your userbase wants a thread to be online, let it stay up. If no one's interested kill it. Sites like these should be censorless.

| That's not how things work, we can't afford a scandal like 8chan(even though most of it was lies)

| IDK man the last post about murder and boomers is basically everything I hate about people on the internet

| this site is too inactive for censorship lol

| >>600822 I'm pretty sure it was ironic and made fun of people like that

| There's been a lot of pro-pedophilia posts lately.
That should stop right now.
Especially if we want this board to stay alive.

| Imo if you were on someone else's site posting stuffs then you should obey the site rules. After all this site isn't yours and mods have every reason to remove/close threads if those threads were deemed inappropriate. If you were not happy about this you can go find another place or create your own text board to post them.
Tldr, you are on someone else's turf, follow the rules or get out. It's as simple as that.

| >>600824
>this site is too inactive for censorship lol
yeah but some threads are very tasteless like the bitch wanting a bf at 12 or the child sex robots, it's somewhat morbid.

exactly, some of it is just borderline but still unsettling.

| >>600822 >>600857
Oh so that's why my thread got locked, lol.

That thread was making fun of the redditor user stereotype (eg. insta normie, fortnite bad, wholesome), and it was supposed to be a continuation of a AITA thread that I had posted a month ago which was also making fun of reddit.

| Muh morality

| >>600873 dude, Dorothy is a child sex robot. Playing Va-11 Hall-a was morbid to you too?

Fuck censorship. It's an anonymous board, where else we can talk about whatever we want to. After all, we are not disrtibuting c p over here, so chill down. Dangerous opinions stands for a reason

| >>600896 shhh protect dorothy not put her in the line of fire

| >>600896

Yeah, the reason is it's named after a textboard from a niche video game, not because you can post whatever you want.

Also, Dorothy has the body of a "child," and the brain of a 24 year old adult. It's only morbid if you didn't play the game to begin with, and wouldn't have otherwise known that.



| >>601003 A good way to contrast it is with mental disability, or whatever euphemism you prefer, my apologies in advance.

Imagine a 24 years old with the mind of 10. Doing it with her would be essentially pedophilia.

Dorothy case, the opposite, is still kinda fucked up for our society, but makes sense in the narrative where it's presented, with a society adapted to "humans" that aren't exactly human.

>It's the mark of an educated mind to entertain a thought without accepting it.

| >>600999 She got guns for fingers and metal for a body. If there is anyone who can be put on the line of fire, it's Dorothy.


| >>600873
>it's somewhat morbid.
How old are you? 14?

| Danger/kids/

The new family friendly textboard

| >>601047

Well said.

| >>601054
haha I called him underage on the internet

| >muh words so bad
Really, really, really, really, really, really, really REALLY getting fucking tired of this.

They're fucking WORDS for fuck's sake, you faggots.


| >>601126 so people talking about their bad habits is okay? people discussing illegal and amoral shit is okay? I mean, they're just words, ever been on the deep web? it's mostly text based, but yeah, they're just words.

| >>601132
>so people talking about their bad habits is okay?
>people discussing illegal and amoral shit is okay?
Yes. Until it's acted on in reality it's just that; WORDS.

Fascinating how few nowadays have any problem with censorship, long as it's the words they don't like being censored.
As if that will hold true.

| >>601135
muh freedumb of speech, go fuck yourself and your shitty uncensored opinions, you're a piece of shit and you deserve to be jailed for it.

| >>601138
>you deserve to be jailed for your words
And yet you'll still defend exactly that statement. Fascinating. I wonder if you'd still defend it when it becomes your words they're jailing for.

| >>601141
It's even more fascinating when one considers I've expressed no opinions whatsoever other than censorship bad.
And STILL, that alone, I'm being fought on.

| Psa freedom of speech is important not to erode because (politician you hate) will use it against you

Also freedom of speech only relates to the government not private orgs, Twitter can say to fuck off and not be violating freedom of speech laws

| >>601143 yeah it's true that private organizations can censor what they want, but they can also be prosecuted for allowing illegal content, which is why most of them don't allow anything even borderline illegal just to stay on the safe side.

| >>601138 "I can't refute your argument, so you have to be jailed"

| >>601138
Fuck off NPC
Go live in China

| >>601177 they probably are from China, the Chinese retards come here sometimes to spread their propaganda and defend their weird authoritarian nation on /new/

| >>601138 you will be if this is how you think. Your people don't even forgive their own npc followers.

| pedophiles

| >>601178
Imagine having to lie about your country on small foreign corners of the internet or your family will be jailed or killed.

| >>3a9b57 >>601211 ok pedos

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