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120 yen caramel

| Anyone want some caramel for 120 yen?

>caramel 120 yen

| Only if by 120 yen you actually mean free and by caramel you mean sex

| empty for caramel

| >>599795 no it's a 120 yen caramel no lewd!

| I don't like caramel

| >>599860 Give it a try. This is not a normal caramel. it's a 120 yen caramel

| well where are u ?

I can negotiate a trade if we are close by

| >>599885 you just have to hold 120 yen close to your heart and picture a 120 yen caramel in your mind. when you feel a 120 yen in your body that mean you have succeed in buying a 120 yen caramel.

| >>599864
Don't tempt me, fool

| >>599932 come on. you will love it

| ¥1200 Pocky is more worth it

| Pocky is overrated

| Caramel is overrated
Gimme sex

| >>600171 i will give you caramel sex instead

| just take 100yen go to the arcade and play on a sega maimai machine

| Yes please! I would love one!

| >>600311 yess thank you so much<3

| Sorry, I inly have seven kroner

| >>600415
Bro, you Swede or Nord?

| Why is it 120 yen?

| >>600607 idk i'm just a seller

| Any left?

| >>600778 yes! too much actually..

| >>600852
I'll have 10 then please.

| >>600949 That would be..120 yen! thank you very much<3

| So quantity doesn't matter, it's 120 no matter what?

| >>601041 It's say 120 yen so it gotta be 120 yen. you dummy

| >>601048
Fine then, I'll take 3.
And I'm not a dummy!

| >>601074 Thank you! that will be 120 yen. please come again

| Can I get half a Caramel?

| >>601233 no one else gonna buy a half caramel other that you tho

| >>601233

Just buy 2 half.

| I will kill caramel.

| >>601301 Noo please don't kill caramel. kill sex instead. sex can reborn but my adorable 120 yen caramel can't

| >>601308

"Post number #600852, ID: 0bd8c0>>600949
| >>600778 yes! too much actually"

You have enough to kill some whereas most of the g/u/rls here are virgins so to kill sex would doom them to be permavirgins

| >>601320 sex can't die anyway

| Caramel>>Sex. I tried combining the two... It was weird...

| >>601334
Theg disagrees!
Better buy her a caramel to distract them.

| Has anyone here thought of using a 1320-yen caramel-coated pocky-shaped 10-inch dildo to sex yourself with? I wonder where I can buy a 1320-yen caramel-coated pocky-shaped 10-inch dildo anyways. If anyone here has a 1320-yen caramel-coated pocky-shaped 10-inch dildo, message me. I'd like to buy the caramel-coated pocky-shaped 10-inch dildo for 1320-yen.

| >>601580
I'm sorry. The only caramel-coated pocky-shaped 10-inch dildo I have for sale costs 3960-yen because it's not only caramel-coated, pocky-shaped and 10-inches but it's made of a very strong caramel-coated, pocky-like material that is durable yet fully edible and cut to be a 10-inch dildo.

| >>601604
Wonderful, I'll take none of that, bye.

| Can I get ramel for 100 yen instead?

| >>602056
Bro! Ramen flavoured caramel! That sounds awesome!

| >>602056 120 only. you dummy~

>>602057 i prefer 120 yen flavoured caramel

| >>602057 but what flavor of ramen? shrimp flavored ramen caramel? beef flavored ramen caramel?

| >>602199
All the different flavours!

| >>602199
yen flavor ramen. 120 of those yen.
120-yen-flavored ramen.
bang. voilà.

| >>602231
>it tastes like caramel

| >>602344

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