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| I like the anonymity of danger/u but honestly, sometimes I want to reach out to certain people on here to become friends with them. Some people on here seem chill as hell and I need friends

| My irl friends are garbage and my main source of conversational interaction comes from this app

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Discord seems to be the current hot new chat platform.
Your best bet is to find people irl who share your interests, there are some apps to help with that too.

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where are those people

| >>595923
Where are you, g/u/rl?
Don't want to give you recommendations on the wrong continent!

| >>595925
the best continent

| >>595901
Aww, how sad.
I'll be your friend.

| I've been trying to adapt to Discord, but I feel like I'm only wasting countless hours there. Any advice?

| >>596061 ye it's shit

| >>596061
Cultivate a small circle of likeminded individuals and ignore the rest. Most discords are dominated by the people who waste their entire day hitting f5.

| I'd say try to join discord servers that have same interests as you and then start there

Took me quite a while to get q small number of friends on discord but it was worth it

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This thread is permanently archived