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Moving out from internet.

| I've milked all the fun I could from the internet in a span of 12 years, what now? these last years the internet has been sucking a lot and danger/u/ is my only safe haven from hell that internet became.

All the websites that i used to mainly visit that fed me with fun are gone/turned into shit and became so fucking politicized, im not even american for fucks sake!

Online friends either grew up out of internet/became a manchildren and i wanna grow up as a chad and die as a THAD!

| Internet gang

| One of the manchildren I know plays a lego game that had its popularity die after 10 years of popularity and is still playing it. He needs to know everyone moved out from it, it's dead, for fucks sake!.

No fun happening anywhere, it's just drama.

The internet makes outside looks like shit and from time to time i go from a very long walk outside to look at how good it feels to live.

Not only that, Friends are WAY easier to make outside and you don't even need to look like a chad.

| I am so glad I've been in here for years, I should be glad for all these years of fun we've had together, /u/.

For some reason, VA-11 Hall-A's OST makes me feel nostalgic and want to cry, especially "Safe Haven" because it reminds me of the first time I opened this app to be greeted by it.

Thinking about the game itself even causes the same effects though it's only been 3 years since release.

Thanks for reading my last rant, I will get a life from now on. I love you all.

| >>595871 guess what, that manchildren is probably still having fun playing a game whose player base have "moved out from it", unlike someone who had to rant about not having anymore fun.

Why do you need to play a currently popular game or post on currently popular forum/website to have fun?

There are hundreds of old games that you can emulate, old anime/movies that you can watch for probably 12 more years.

| Remind me to post something interesting

| You can still find new discussion or read old discussion about anime that aired years ago. I'm pretty sure people are still discussion evangelion and cowboy bebop till this day. Or maybe if those are too old, you can laugh at fate fand for having a masterpiece entry like fate/zero and then nose dived to a garbage fire known as fate/apocrypha. Some people are still playing older entry of civilization games and can have fun.

| Just like how people are still having fun in the original dark souls even if there is a remale version of it. Or how people can play kenshi for more than 1000 hours. Hint: kenshi has no multiplayer

Tl;dr: there are still plenty of fun that you can find on the internet. It's not the internet's fault that you have a pleb taste/ ADHD that only allow you to have fun in the most popular/latest stuff.

| *remake version

| >>595871 so your friend is having a great time with what he likes and you think that's bad because he's not following trends?
Maybe you're the manchild who can't be true to yourself and must follow the newest trends to feel less insecure because you're "hip" and "in".

| Also if you ran out of things to do in the internet then it's YOUR turn to contribute and expand, make your own site, add a blog about your hobbies to it, have fun making content so others can have fun!

>insert shameless plug of my awful site made for fun, unfortunately it fails often in the game of life page because I use the free tier of gigalixir and it consumes a lot of memory due to my bad code, gonna open an issue later to remember to fix it

| https://awesomazing-website-for-kool-rad-developerz.gigalixirapp.com/

| >>595871 the world is shitty enough as is. Let people enjoy their hobbies and stop acting like a jerk off. If it makes them happy and isnt causing harm to anyone else, who gives a shit. Playing a video game for nostalgia reasons doesn't make someone a manchild. Coming on the internet to pout because you're no longer having fun makes you a manchild. Congratulations, you've played yourself.

| >>595908 oh no! I forgot the site has a github link with my real professional profile! (●__●)
Ah whatever, it's more fun when the source code is shared anyway!
( ̄ω ̄)

| its funny because i spent most of my life on the internet because real life was shitty. but now the internet feels shitty too, and there is nowhere to go haha

| i kind of agree OP. The internet had a good run, but, just like television before it, it seems to take more than it gives these days.

| >>595866
I cannot imagine being unable to find something fun or interesting on the internet. Sounds like you just need to get away from people.

| >>595927

this but unironically

| I've been starting to go less and less onto the general internet lately, as I have actually found something decent to do for once; breaking wood pallets into single planks. Normally my stepfather would be doing it, but he's gone now so I'll just do it daily. It's currently the only real "training" I do.

| Manchildrens are mad while OP is on his road for chadness. Stay tuned out for the next episode

PS. stop having fun

| Manchild incoming, how do I make other manchild friends outside of the interwebz?

| >>596064 conventions are a good place

| That is good you are moving out, this is great news. I've been looking for a new place to stay on the classifieds. Still no luck. If you have not already moved out, may I visit your home IP address? Maybe I can interest you in a deal.


| >>596123 dear Ms. not_a_hacker1723,
what is IP?

Best regards, Anne Louise Stripefeld

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