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How motivated are you?

| I'm pretty motivated to do shit but still easily distracted, like right now.

| not very.

| I had 2 hours of sleep and now I have school until 4 pm. So not very

| Not at all. Borderline ready to off myself, that's how unmotivated I am. Lifes been taking a fat shit on me lately and I'm kinda over it.

| >>595899
Get some sleep, drink some water and get away from your life for a bit.
You've got people who care about you, g/u/rl

| Don't have too much motivation to do stuff rn

| Motivated to do wot? To live in general - guess not much.

| Very motivated, extremely more than ever
I hope this motivation lasts more than a couple of hours

| 3

| >>595932 aaaaand the motivation ended, now I wanna go home and sleep

| My motivation gets revived by listening to some new music or whatever.
Sometimes, the activity I then planned to do flows over into doing a hobby repeatedly throughout the coming weeks.


| However, there is one big problem.
I always talk about motivation but never about determination.
Of course, motivation is required to succeed but without determination it's just pointless.

So, remember to not only get motivated but determinated to fix your shit!

| >>596057 you've been playing too much undertale

| >>596146 I didn't mean to make a undertale reference, determination is actually very important in order to move forward in life.

On another note, I haven't done shit today due to some retards getting on my way, I need more motivation, more determination for tomorrow

kanye west likes big fingers in his ass

| I just want to get into action, but then again theres another key word that is patience. I can't fucking believe this. It's gonna take me years to go to where I want to now.

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This thread is permanently archived