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None of my real friends remembered my birthday

| It didn't affect me much really and It was a week ago but now they're all wishing happy birthday to another one of the group, and keep reminding me to wish him a happy birthday

I'm sad.

| kys.

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bitch I might

| Hap borth.

| >>595807 happens to me every year, so I feel for you. Happy belated birthday.

| How are you supposed to remember someone's birthday anyway? Tell people to add it into your Google Calendar?

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Again I wasn't really sad about them forgetting since I think the same, it's the fact that everyone remembered someoone else's birthday somehow.
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thanks gurls

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Sorry to hear it, g/u/rl.
Have you mentioned this to any of your friends? They might have thought it was on a different day.

| at least you have friends

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I have only mentioned it when they remind me to wish a happy birthday to this other friend as "I don't want him to feel bad about not wishing me a happy birthday before.." and of course they apologize for forgetting, but still hurts.
I'm sorry to hear this gurl, I promise things get better

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i don't know if things will get better, the last tie there was a person that i thought was my friend would be about 7 years ago
>lewd yoga dicky

| Bitch, people only remember to congratulate me on a birthday when social networks or me remind them. And I don't like being happy birthdayed in the first place. Death comes closer a year with me being as much of a loser as I ever was. Aint no need to remind me of that. Birthdays are stupid. Cheers.

| I prefer keeping my birthday secret

| Happy birthday +a week, op!

Yeah, I know birthdays is stupid and people nowadays only remember because of digital scheduler, but also being told happy birthday makes me feel better, so I guess we're all just stupid, really.

It sucks that this event gotta rub that in your face, op.

| You could join a cult like the Jehovah's witnesses, they don't celebrate birthdays

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