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Western style nerds are spreading

| I went to my weeb place in the weeb side of town and saw a bunch of teens wearing star wars t-shirts laughing at the weebs and at the weeb products, I held my head in shame and left...

The only place I felt at home(other than my actual home) is now frequented by the very people I wanted to avoid I hate being judged by my hobbies...

| Don't let them mess with you, they don't even belong there in the first place, and it's probably worth noting that they are likely these kind of people who say "R/whoosh" outside reddit.

| Western "nerds" are nothing more than modern alt-normies.

| They're on your turf.

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Gotta stick up for your weeb interests.
If they laugh, laugh back. What star wars has become is laughable anyway.

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That's true. You have not only advantage, but the power of God and anime on your side. Advantage rolls with a +7 (3 from God, 4 from anime) is a lot better than their disadvantage and their force powers that they try to use even though their kind has a natural -3 Dex and -5 Wis.

Basically, fuck 'em. They're cunts who don't accept others and their hobbies, and letting their presence deter you from doing what you love is giving them respect that they really don't deserve.

| Honestly op, people who walk around town to find people to laugh at have bigger issues than you or I because we watch chinese cartoons

| OP those "nerds" woulda been dunking on actual nerds back in the 80s. Just ignore em knowing they have nothing to define them other than following whatever's popular at the current moment

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This thread is permanently archived