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| it's a cold night so let's warm it up. let's hear some spooky stories! more love for the paranormal!!

come in here and post!

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here's mine, will take several posts but probably worth it

(i've posted it before so i might just dox myself but ah i'll do it for you)

so it all starts in a valley up in the mountains of an unspecified western European nation...

| my parents wanted to buy a house to renovate for some reason.
they had gone all across our region to find one, but they were either too expensive, too remote, or too hopeless to want.

and then they had a new one they wanted to look at, and so into the mountains they went.

we went through several remote villages lost to the world. at some point, we turned off the main road and ventured up into a valley between two mountains.

and we drove up to the house.

it was a fucking ruin.

| we got out the car, me, my parents and my brother, to look at it.
nothing too bad, old-looking house, 1930 to 1960-ish European style, old beige and visibly aged.

behind, backyard filled with spiky weeds and brushes. it went up the mountain not too steeply.
on the other side of the house, the tiny road. behind that, a river running perpendicular to it, then the forest going steeply up.

we went inside.
the mayor was touring us because nobody even wanted the house to begin with.

| we quickly realized why.

the ground was bare dirt.
there was supposed to be a third floor up there somewhere, but even just the second floor were planks on which you could somehow walk, filled with holes and totally unsafe.

worse than that, the roof had a multitude of holes in them too.

it was completely run down; there was a damn pigsty inside of the house!

but it wasn't a small building.

the mayor looked like a complete fatalist sure that we'd leave very quickly...

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| i was, myself, around 10 to 14 years old. i was running everywhere in and around the house, having found a new playground.
my brother was doing the same.
i was having fun, not realizing the mountains of work i was standing on...

at some point, i was in the "garden", the backyard, looking down at the house, as the green terrain went up into the mountain.

from there, i could see the back entrance, the stairs leading up to the second floor of the house, and the way to the kitchen.

| and i saw something.

some sort of a figure.
i thought nothing of it, but something about it was off.
i couldn't recognize it and no matter how hard i looked, it just looked like some figure.
a vague yet defined shadow. i couldn't make out colours - black, red, orange?

it was there, and it was looking up the stairs. standing, waiting.

i stood still.

and i watched.

it was a habit that i took, being sneaky, as it was always an advantage. i slowly inched closer to the house.

| at that point i was maybe 20 meters away from the house.

i thought that it was my brother.

i knew that when you are sneaking, as long as you are undetected, everything is fine. but when you are found out, you lose your chance.

i wanted to surprise my brother and scare him, but i knew i was threading a difficult needle here.

as i came closer, i still couldn't make out who it was.

and perhaps 10 meters away, i leaped.
i ran across the grassy distance and jumped down to the door.

| whoever it was darted up the stairs. i gave chase, as fast as i could.

i arrived upstairs, the second floor, with the bare wooden planks you had to walk on and few holes you could see the lower floor from.

i turned around. to my left, my parents were being shown the indoors balcony.

i looked around the room.

but i couldn't see my brother.

and then he came up the stairs.

it wasn't my brother.

my parents bought the house.

| it is a true story. i hate liars and fakers. this really happened, at least i believe it did.
yes, there were unexplained noises and other things afterwards. i believe i was haunted.
if anyone i know recognizes me, go fuck yourself.
what are you waiting for?? POST YOUR STORY NOW
i still don't know what i saw. i wish one of you dumb people would finally teach me how to open my third eye, then i might know!

| >>595531
I see figures that I can't quite make out and that quickly move away pretty regularly. It's not ghosts or a haunted house my dude. It's just your brain being fucky. It feels like it's real. If I didn't know all the shit your brain can pull on you before I started seeing them I would probably think my house was haunted, but it isn't. It's be being fucked.

| True story, I woke up one day, and my goldfish died. but it was still floating Then i flushed it down the toilet.

| My ID is also the same colour as my goldfish! I am spooked. It has came back to haunt me!!!

| >>595557
i was staring at it for a good 30 seconds. also afterwards we were in another place and my brother asked me if i felt a presence through the wall. i had never told him anything about the figure

| i am disappointed at the lack of stories in my thread

| >>595723
I've done the same. You can believe whatever you want, but hallucinations are a real thing that you can experience even if you're not fucked like me. Getting a feeling that there's something in the house with you when the house is old and ruined is also pretty normal. I'm not saying it can't be paranormal, I'm just saying that I experience stuff like that regularly (and I'm not some kind of psychic) and there are scientific explanations for it.

| >>595728
i don't believe you at all

| >>595729
Which part of it?

| >>595730
that it's somehow all in my brain

| >>595735
Well, I didn't really expect you to. I'm just talking from personal experience and the stuff I've read about how much shit your brain is capable of doing. If you don't believe me you should do some research on different mental illnesses and all the tricks your brain can play on you even if you don't have any illness. Even if that doesn't convince you, it's extremely interesting to read about.

Who knows though. Maybe ghosts exists. I wouldn't know.

| >>595741
i wasn't the only one to experience it.
>le mass hallucination lmao

looks like captchan really doesn't like you
>every hells fires

| >>595747
Oh? You didn't mention anyone else seeing it.

| >>595754 >>595723
i'm starting to think my posts are all in your head...

also there were unexplained noises upstairs when we were sleeping in the downstairs room. sounded like walking. granted it could have been one of these animals whose name i forgot but my dad went up there multiple times and there was nothing at all. we heard these noises repeatedly, at some point even at our other house, where there never had been any unexplained noises prior to that.
also a few cool shadows!

| >>595780
Feeling like there's something in the house with you/watching you isn't an hallucination. That's a very normal feeling to get when you are somewhere unfamiliar and creepy. Noises are easy to explain. Houses make noise all the time. The older they are, the more frequent and loud the noises are. It makes even more sound if there are insects or rodents there.

| >>595787
you weren't there and you're talking like i'm retarded when you didn't properly read through what i wrote.
read again and then correct your answer.

| >>595788
I give up dude. I'm sorry if you think me not believing in ghosts is the same as me calling you retarded. I properly read your posts, and I gave you my opinion on them, and you immediately started getting toxic. I don't have infinite patience, so I'll fuck off now.

| >>595789
not my fault you can't read.

| >>595789
not my fault you can't read.

| >>595794 >>595795
captchan i hate you

| >>595521
Sounds like you were dealing with a wild or feral person who was living in the 'abandoned' house before you arrived.

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