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What religion are you?

| Just outta curiosity. I am a satanist and wondered what other users religion's were?

| Atheist. I respecto ther people's beliefs, though.

| Spiritism

| Taoism is probably the closest of religious/philosophical beliefs for me, but I'm not completely into it yet.

| I think somewhere between agnostic and deist

| orthodox christian (agnostic)

| Agnostism isn't really a religion but either way that's me

| I recently converted to latvian ortodox in an attempt to get laid. It's kinda romantic like King Henry. I'm King Henry, Jerry!

| Sexist.


| My religion is Pokemon Master.

| Athiest. Lean Daoist at times. Every now and then I try to convert to Mahayana Buddhism but there aren't any temples around me and I've found it somewhat difficult to get into

| atheist, but religion is fine

| Atheist, but I pretend to be a Christian for my parents. If I had to choose I'd go for buddhism, cause they have cute anime girls.

| I love Lain. Let's all love Lain!

| >>594828
Yes, let's all love Lain. Right now.

| I ain't got none, but I respect them. It honestly seems nice to be part of a religion, I just find them hard to believe in. You never know though. Maybe they've got some truth to them.

| I'm kind of man of religion myself:

| Thighs worshiper

| >>594852 to be fair you could probably just join a church for the community it's not like most religions are going to refuse to let you eat at the potluck because you don't believe it

| >>594997
It would be pretty boring to show up to events/gatherings where I have no interest in what they're talking about though, and I'm not the community members would appreciate someone who didn't care about their religion showing up to their gatherings. I'm also not a big fan of some of the hierarchy and higher-ups in a lot of religions, so probably not.

| In my experience Christians at least are usually happy to have non religious people come, it gets them 'exposed to the word of God' and yes you're right it has a good chance to be boring, though you could analyze why in context why the Bible might say specific things, become an expert at arguing against the religion by joining a church :p

| >>595051
I have no interest in arguing against Christianity, but I do find the Bible very interesting. There's a lot of cool and abstract stuff in there that can be extremely interesting when either not taken literally or taken too literally. It fucks around with some cool concepts and stuff. Not sure if Christians would be interested in talking about the Bible in that way though.

| >>595053 hmm, I think it would depend on the church, and that's sort of what I mean, might be fun to go to a church and see how they interpret specific sections, though that's more so going to a bunch of churches rather than joining one

| >>595187
Yeah. That's way too much effort, and since I'm a minor, I doubt anyone would take me seriously and have a proper conversation. It sounds kind of fun though.

| Fair enough, something to kill a Sunday for the future maybe

| I was born into a Jewish family, though I'm more of agnostic who is spirtual. Like >>594476 though I think it's important to respect other beliefs - as long as people don't push theirs onto others or harm others

| Really liking the diversity here :) thank you everyone so far for being respectful of one another


| Born and raised Catholic but learned to just take the good lessons on how to treat people well than taking everything literally. Not sure what that makes me.

| >>595401


| >>595402

| I'm a member of the ultimate circlejerk LARPing faith of them all: Catholicism

| I'm one of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Agreed! There seems to be a huge range of people here.

> cults evade butte

| Religion is surprisingly un-discussed on danger/u/ (especially considering how much argument there is in /new/)


| >>30bf36 agreed. It's just a topic people get very heated and passionate about, and I can understand why. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs imo


| >>595574 this has to be a meme, captcha says cults and you say your a jw

| >>595606 it's been hard to discuss this because before this thread there was always that one gurl that would flood the threads about religion with posts saying how religion is "evil and stupid"

| >>595652
And then the counter to that would be a Muslim calling him a bunch of shit and saying how Allah is righteous and shit which only made it worse.

| agnostic, laizist and historical materialist

| I worship anus holes.

| Have you ever heard about sex? Imagine this shit is real, ha-ha.

| >>595785

sex is about as real as boys being real.

which is to say... not at all

| Christian of the Protestant Reformation Church reporting in. Can't say for every church, but mine would love to have you >>595038! The Bible is great to study even if you don't plan on converting, just because the symbolism is in so many written works, and to gain a greater insight into the piece, one needs to know the Bible. Evengelion for examle is chalked full of the Christian symbolism. As for the cool stuff when taken literally or symbolically, Revelations is pretty radical...

| for that. I'd never recommend starting your Bible reading experience with Revelations though, because when you take that book out of context 99% of everything in it flies over your head. Try starting with the four gospels, to gain a greater understanding of the full picture, then dive into David. Revelations pulls ludicous amounts of symbolism from David, so you'd lose a lot by skipping that. Then jump into Revelations. Let me know if you g/u/rls have any other questions.

| >>595822
Great to hear you wouldn't mind, and thank you for the tip! I'll try to remember it for when I finally get around to reading it.

| >>fa2e2c >>595053 >>595821
Episcopalian Christian here, we'd love to have you as well! Also, you'll tend to find better in-depth discussion on the parts you find interesting if you talk to biblical scholars. The laity always have interesting insights as well, but clergy have more scholars among their ranks.

| Astral esoteric here. why do you care?

| Atheist, if I had to believe in something, it would be either Greek mythology or fate lore

| Im in burg religion

| >>595936 I don't care what religion people are, just bored and curious. As another user pointed out, it's not a topic that's frequently discussed


| Sunni Muslim here. Pretty cool seeing so many different religions here of all places

| >>596227
are you from middle east, africa, southeast asia?

| >>5c7795
Southwest Asia

| >>596242
hah i'm a good guesser! i'll say indonesia - jakarta ..?

| >>8a0a55
Ehhh wrong
It's closer to the middle east but not part of it

| >>596257
oh it was southwest

| >>9c1d7b
Ding ding, correct

| >>596306
why are you quoting by ID, what the hell?

| >>596306
I hear you have some seriously good fighting game players.

| >>595936 What's astral esoteric?

>>596306 That sounds cool, be careful in pakistan.

| >>596571

thanks for asking...?

| >>596227
why sunni and not shia? are you muslim because you were born in a muslim country?
would you be muslim if you were born in russia?

| >>a00069
1. Sunni is slightly more rational than shia, though not by much
2. Yep
3. Probably not, since I already follow Islam pretty loosely

| >>596634
1. enlighten me

do you think islam belongs in Europe?

3. why do you follow islam

| >>839dfb
1. Islam can belong anywhere in the world if you ask me. It should be a person's choice to follow it or not and it should be global, same with any other religion

2. I follow it because it seems to make sense to me

| Ave Satanas, OP

| >>596760
and here i thought you were based


| >>596900 explain what? Satanism? I think it's a pretty cool religion if you look into it. I'm a LaVeyan Satanist, which just means I'm a member of the Church of Satan and follow Anton LaVeys teachings. LaVeyan Satanists don't necessarily view Satan as a person, but as a symbol or ideology for the religion. It's pretty much a religion of self indulgence and enlightenment.

| >>596900 There are also ritualistic aspects of the religion, but you aren't required to partake in them to be a satanist. But long story short, do what you want and don't be an asshole, unless the other person deserves it. We're pretty welcoming of anyone who wants to join

| I'm a pure and true Haruhiist

| >>597063
Oh fuck yeah, such a beautiful and sadly underrepresented religion.

| >>597139
Indeed, a true shame. Praise haruhi

| No one commented on my latvian ortodox conversion. Are you all kavorkas or what!?

| >>597010 >>597015
and why don't you just say "i believe in doing what you want and not being an asshole unless the person deserves it" instead of saying "oh i'm a satanist"?

| >>597312
a-am i a Kavorka to you s-senpai?

| >>597312 that isn't all there is to the religion, it's just a part of the core laws. I can't speak for them, but I partake in the ritualistic-aspect of it, making me a satanist. If you're interested in learning more about satanism, you can read about it online. Too much goes into it to explain it in a full thread on danger/u.


| >>597312 Also, you say that as if identifying as a satanist is a horrible thing. The name just has a lot of negative connotations. Don't be too quick to make judgements about the religion, especially from>>8a773b very casual answer. If you'd like to read the satanic bible, occultboards.com has a pdf version of it. It has some filler and doesn't actually start til roughly page 32 or 33 though. I don't fully agree with everything in it, but it's certainly an interesting read.


| >>597365 >>597370
you haven't answered >>597312 so i'm actually really not interested

| >>597371 doesn't matter to me either way, g/u/rl. If you're interested in a religion and want an explanation, read up on it yourself. U/ser>>8a773b can answer if they want to, but I don't.
As I've stated, there's a lot involved with the religion and I'm not deep diving in this thread.. so I'm gonna quote u/ser >>6e4046 and say it's a religion that just "makes sense to me." That seemed to be explanation enough for you from them.


| >>597372
>That seemed to be explanation enough for you from them
nope. also why are you saying them like it's a lot of people, it was just one post saying that

| >>597375 them is a term that can be used for a singular person, of which you do not know the gender.>>6e4046 is a singular person, of which I do not know the gender. Hence,>them.


| >>597377
i think you've forgotten that this is the internet

and them just sounds weird as hell

| >>597381 trust me, I haven't.

If I had thought of a better pronoun to use there in place of "them", I would've. This is an anonymous thread though, so "them" was a gender neutral term. I guess I could've just excluded the "from them.".. but alas, you can't edit posts on here.

I see your point and understand though.


| >>597381 that's newspeak, get used to it because that's the future

| Burg.

| >>597387

| Singular them is actually really nice in the context of the internet, too often do you miss label someone, making them feel like they need to correct you, has the risk of derailing the discussion, much easier to just drop gender from the start until they refer to themselves

| I meant singular they but I'm tired so I blame that

I get that people don't like theirs instead of his because of the Tumblr crowd but honestly it's like the one thing that's got some syntactical use, no reason to throw out a tool just because of who popularized it ya know

| >>597397
I'm sorry to tell you, but "them" and "they" are the correct pronouns to use when referring to a singular person that you do not know the gender of. It is also used when referring to multiple people, but it's usually pretty obvious which way the word is used due to the context of the sentence it is in.


| >>ea1f7e >>4e1151 >>fa2e2c
While I wholeheartedly agree with the "singular they/them" thing, this is the internet. And do I really have to remind you there are no boys on the internet? Come on, g/u/rls, don't disappoint me like that.

| >>597470
But what if they're a lady-boy?

| >>597470 Yes, on danger/u/ we are ALL she

| Board culture aside, I'd say that getting offended over gender pronouns on an anonymous board is ridiculous for a different reason: As we are all mostly anonymous, you could be anyone or anything in the real world, regardless of what you claim to be online.


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