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what would you consider a real friend

| I wonder

| My pets because people are yucky lolol

| fair enough heh

| My code

| Donald Trump.

| Maybe the real friend was the treasures we made all along 'w'

| Someone who'd always look forward to spending time with me.

| >>589044 sounds reasonable

| Ppl you trust with your lives that have the same trust to you.

| >>589044 >>589395 people sometimes want to be alone and it's perfectly normal.

>>589399 agree.

| never had one

| Plank

| people who share salt over similar things with me because this world has enough salt to make the ocean taste like freshwater in comparison

| >>589439 Okay, not always. When they don't want to be alone. My bad for not mentionint this.

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This thread is permanently archived