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Waxing or shaveing?

| Which do you do for body hair and why?

1 it's way more time consuming
2 the hair grows back STRONGER AND THICKER
3 you can grow NEW HAIR in places where there WASN'T EVEN HAIR THERE BEFORE
4 you can hurt your skin and cut yourself
5 you can develop a super uncomfortable rash

1 removes hair from the root so you're super smooth
2 thus it also weakens hair and it grows back slower
3 zero chance of new hair sprouts


| in the army, the protocol is to shave / get shaved even if there's barely hair there at all. a LOT of guys would report suddenly growing hair where there wasn't any before, all because of shaving.
i made the mistake of shaving my body hair before, and now i'm a gorilla down there, i hate it.
heed my advice and become le cute, okay?

| >shaveing
did you have a stroke?

| >>589030 those are the reasons why I shave, love my scruffy beard

| >>589030 wait, does that mean that I can make my hair grow anew if I shave my head?

| Thanks for the replies g/u/rls : )
This is what I do. Was curious about what others do and if there were benefits to shaving. I only shave right now in sensitive spots, but might try waxing there, just being more careful.
I will : )
Yeah i had it as "wax or shave" at first then changed it and my smooth brain forgot to delete the e
Might help it grow but if there's already damage it may be hard to get it to grow how you want it, idk though

| I just slather on nair and shower it off. I let it sit 7-10 minutes and then rinse off.

Idk about other people, but it takes a while to grow back for me. Last time I naired was like June 20th? And I'm only just now getting stubble

| BEARS!!!

| The whole "grows back stronger and thicker" is a myth I'm pretty sure, it does indeed feel that way, but it's just more course, the hair down there has been there a long time so it's been worn down making the ends soft and all that, when it grows it's not like that so it feels more

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