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I have an access to a girl's social network account

| So, yesterday i was drinking with my friends and one girl asked me to log in her social network account by my phone, because she didn't have a phone at the time. I gave her my phone, she logged in. But she didn't log out. And my phone remembered her number. Also she can't get a notification that someone else logged in, because her phone is old and she uses her browser to chech social media.
So at the moment i have a full access to all her private messages.

| Find her foot pics

| I didn't really look into any messages except the one with her boyfriend.
What i found out was:
Two naked pics;
Her bf is an agressive psycho (luckily he isn't in the cuty right now)

| Alternatively and preferably, log out and respect their privacy

| Well, first you download all fappable pics.
Then you start liking hardcore porn pages on her social media.
After that you break up with her boyfriend/girlfriend, change her password and share her account on an anonymous board ;)

| >>588922 but man
Would you commit a crime if no one will ever find out about it?
And this isn't a crime 'cause she logged in herself.
I am not going to use this for anything

| >>588926 i am not that horrible, i was just really curious

| >>588927 just download all the nudes already, we all know that's what you want!
That's what I want too!

| Wait long enough for her to forget using your phone, but not too long for the auto log-out to happen and break with her boyfriend if he's such a psycho. In the meantime you can fap to her nudes.

| >>588927

In this case, Facebook recorded what device was used to log into the account, so if you *did* commit a crime at this stage, it would be a simple matter for the girl to claim innocence and have that claim be corroborated.

| >>588919
Log out. Dont be an ass and respect their privacy.
This is why men shouldnt be allowed online

| >>588981
lol look at this faggot

| >>588981 who said OP is a man? She's a proud lesbian.

| Log out and respect their privacy, same goes with anyone else.

| Just download the nudes and log out.
Or you give the account on a anonymous board. Or you can blackmail her for more nudes or blackmail the boyfriend to break up with her.

| You are retard and should be banned from any form of computer or internet access. You are amongst the lowest trash that exists. Enjoy your pitiful excuse for life, monkey.

| >>588992 >>588981 yeah everyone knows only g/u/rls use these forums

| >>588926 I like your thinking. Problem is he'd need to move away first. It's no fun if you get caught.
>>588922 Trolls these days have no imagination, smh

| do nothing abd just log out

| OP here. Here is some update to the story. I logged out and deleted the nudes.
Yesterday i was drinking with her and some other people.
And where we were alone i told her about this and said to be more careful the next time. She answered that she don't fucking care, logged in and downloaded even more nudes to my phone.
So yeah, she's psycho too.
Also, she kissed me several times and sucked on my fingers.

| Also we played dare or truth and i ended up calling her boyfriend at 3:40a.m. He screamed that he will slice me up with a knife. But she talked to him and he apologised to me today.
This world is fucked up place...

| A happy ending

| >>589150
>be scummy
>get involved in 2 psychopaths relationship

| Ammmm omay...

First: no
Second: you dont
Thats it.
Now fuck off

| So you redownloaded the nude? Will you fap to her nudes, while she has violent hardcore sex with her psycho bf?

If so, welcome to NTR land, buddy.

| If she's that open and crazy, maybe she won't mind if you'll share her photos with us?

| Wow, white tag, nice

Also, she doesn't have a smartphone?! What year is it?

| Aaand one more good thread dies out...

| >>589612 oh but if the girl is as crazy as OP says there will certainly be a follow up thread very soon

| Unless she kills OP, of course.

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