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Biggest redpills?

| For a woman to consider a man under 5'11" for a relationship, he must make roughly $20,000 more in yearly income per inch under 5'11" to be equal to a 5'11" man.

So if the 5'11" man makes $80,000 per year, a man at 5'9" must bring home at least $120,000 per year to have the same chance as the taller man.

| U mad?

| Or you could look for a woman that's worth your time?

| Didn't mean to start a dating advice thread lol. I just wanted to hear some fun red pills that you guys have

| heightpills are a spook

| I got you covered

| >>588241 I don't understand what makes this a redpill

| >>588456 OP'd rather believe in a conspiracy than admit they need to improve themselves if they want a girlfriend

| >>588466
dubs. and based af

| https://cdn-06.anonfile.com/Z8qdT124na/208a5142-1565648912/Breaking-the-spell-myth-reality.pdf

| >>588484

| >>588484 >>588486 this is redpill thread, not ashpill.

| i'm a girl and i'd have 0 problem being with a guy who's under 5ft 11 and makes less than 20k.

i care more about if the guy actually is a good person and isn't just trying to be nice just so he can get off, i'd rather actually have someone who genuinely wants love.

| Femanon here

I dont know

| >>588466 yeah but why does that have to do with being Republican? the Republican party doesn't really stand for anything that has to do with whatever this is afaik.
same for >>588442 : does being Republican or red mean you have to be 'politically correct' or edgy?

| >>588586
lol nice larp faggot

| >>588588 I'm going by the matrix definition of red pill(the pill that shows the truth and takes you down the rabbit hole), I know nothing about American politics and couldn't care less about them TBH

| >>588638 oh, ok. people here like to say that to mean something that makes you right wing.

| >>588638 >>588648 well and I thought that "redpill" is used primarily by mans not successful with women (as OP posted) (incels?).

| >>588656 it seems a lot of them like to use the term coupled with some loose statistics as a justification as to why they don't get girls.
Completely undermines the meaning of the term, even more than political people do.

| >>588241
feel bad for the g/u/rls here who need to do all this work looking for a guy
guess i'm lucky to be gay

no need to specify, we all are

| If a guy isn't over 6 feet 48 inches, I won't date him.

| >>588995
>not dating anyone over 11 feet

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