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Reasons to shower everyday

| My crush is cuddly. He cuddles without warning

| Shower so you don't smell like shit you degenerate

| >>585998 but smelling like shit is my shtick as a basement dweller

| >>586000
trips. also being a basement dweller does not mean you can't shower. you're not doing anything else anyway

| >>586005 it seems to be a meme among (insert nerdy community) that people would be so engrossed in their hobby that they don't (perform basic hygiene function) for days.

And I'm riding on it because (people are worse than me excuse).

I'm not accepting criticism on the way I talk thanks.

| Because it feels good

| My balls and butthole itches really bad if I don't shower everyday.

| I don't smell, unless I don't shower for like a week, why would I shower daily?

| >>586050 because it feels good

| >>586050 heccing kids who dont live in humid climates dont appreciate what they got

| >>586052 Not to me, it doesn't. Feels like a chore.
>>586077 You mean I live in humid climate and that makes me shower less, or the other way around? Confused.

| >>586035
You may have syphilis

| disgusting faggots in this thread

| Waste of water. I am sure you can agree with me on this. Because I am sure you would rather have your crush's licking you spotless clean instead. Now, doesn't that sound delightful to you? Best that you earn his tongue on your body, and you would never have to shower again. Better get to it! Your crush's tongue is maybe diving into many different foods by now. Maybe, you can help him brush his teeth and/or clean his mouth later by swaping saliva with him using your mouth.

| >>586335
Now this sounds enticing!

| >>586139
I've been tested for STDs. I don't have any. Same with my partner.

| >>586355
nice larp

| >>586087 in humid places, showering becomes a necessity

| >>586205
my body my rules. deal with it

disclaimer i'm not sure if that's how you use that phrase but i'm gonna say it anyway

| >>586429 I bet your a nigger
And it's all ok, I'm an octoroon

| I'm taking a shower RIGHT NOW. It's pretty nice and I can also get all of my cum off myself for once

| >>586385 My city's humid continental. I never felt like showering daily's a necessity, though. Guess you're saying like tropical humid.

| >>586517
very based

| >>586517
Oof that's gay

>jihad udder dick

| >>586517
fucking based

| >>586335 interesting. My counteroffer: 100.000 species of bacteria live in the mouth, and that is if they brush regularly, otherwise it goes into the millions.

| >>587044
That's not very much at all, is it ?

| I take public transportation to and from work, the one day I went to sleep without taking a bath I got sick.

Protect yourselves from the filth of public transportation, take a bath every day.

Hikikomori can afford to only bathe when they want to, though.

| Counterpoint: I lay in bed most of the day not wanting to exist, so...

Finally having the motivation and energy to get up and clean up feels amazing though. Shower regularly. Also, stay hydrated. Not at the same time though. Shower water is potable, but 9/10 doctors would not recommend.

| >>586898 >>586575 based on what?

| >>587144 usually the shower and sinks of residential buildings all come from the same water source so as long as your tap water is ok you can drink it. larger buildings sometimes have separate water heating systems for showers, though.

| >>587070 I don't know, are 100000 spiders crawling around your body a lot? Sure, most wont bite, but what about those that do?

| >>587474
We're talking microscopic organisms. And they ALREADY live in my mouth ! So if I lick skin, that shouldn't aggravate anything, right ?

And yes, 100000 spiders sounds like a lot, I agree. But those numbers don't seem to scale down to bacteria level...

| I need a shower.

| I cannot stand when my hair is greasy form not taking a shower. In highschool I never did it and I shudder thinking back to that and how awful I was

| >>586335
you really should've posted this on /d/

| Too much can be bad though especially if you dont moisturise. You'll dry out like a snake.

Pretty sure i read something that said it should be once every couple of days too.

I can understand eryday if your doong stuff. But if you sitting at a drsl all day with aircon i think your ok. And obviously if smell foul scrub that shit.

| >>585998 Really the only reason you need

Round 2 Captcha

| I'd shower every day and a half but ever since I started going to the gym regularly I do it everyday. Two new healthy habits. No, I didn't go to the gym today

| Once a day keeps the bugs away

| It's just personal preference.

I wash my body daily because I work around chemicals all day, I have "oily" skin and dont want acne, and I just plain like to smell good.

I wash my hair every other day though because it doesnt get greasy, unless I dont wash it for like 3 or 4 days. My hair takes 8+ hours to dry, I'd rather not wash it every day unless I go swimming or something and need to.

| I am in the shower RIGHT NOW pt 2
I did forget to shower for the past 2 days but I didn't really leave my chair the whole time so it was probably ok. Now I've been working out though, and I'm all sticky '~'

| >>588087 twice a day is the minimum

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