Dangeru.Me Thread

| Hey g/u/rls. Just letting you know that dangeru.me subdomains are up for grabs! If you have the Stella tier on pref's Patreon, you can claim yours today! Just follow the directions on the site, and then send me your HTML/CSS/whatever. If you don't have the tier, but have a totally epic project or smthn that I think is cool, I might host it anyways.


> pref's Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/prefetcher

> Dangeru.Me

> Example Page

| >>>Disclaimer: Pref can take this domain name back whenever they want. Your pages are not guaranteed to stay up forever. But I figured, if people were interested, I'd remake the site/service/whatever this is. It might save Pref a few bucks to use towards making Danger/u/ merch. idk. Another disclaimer! You can't just host anything on this. Keep it legal g/u/rls. That's about it. Ciao!

| Did some nigga just hijacked pref's shit? This is the best timeline roflmao

| >>583512
the more proper way of describing it is 'taking an unused and unpaid-for domain to kickstart an already-existing service earlier,' i guess.
HTTP's nice if you wanna be really compatible with stuff like browsers before the 2000s, but security-wise it kinda sucks. dunno if you actually care about that, but setting up sth like Let's Encrypt wouldn't hurt for basic security.
i've yet to check the page itself, though...

| >>583513 well I applaud their effort to make the site look nice. my best attempt at web design is a high school html project.

| o hek im pinned thx

| >>583513 Working on the HTTPS. Sorry g/u/rls who use Netscape.
>>583518 Just updated it to something that won't make your eyes bleed as bad, haha. There's a bunch I wanna do with it to make it look neat, but I just kinda wanted to throw a concept out there. See if people even want this.


| guess i should explain what happened here.

dangeru.me was running, and it ran until like mid 2018. the reason i never renewed it, was, well. the lack of donations made it hard for me to both fuel the servers and the domains, so i let dangeru.me die.

other than this, no one ever, EVER wanted the domain. believe me, i've asked most the donators.

so i've just let it be dead, until anyone would've asked. i was glad to renew it incase that happened


| as for the OP, please send me your e-mail or discord handle or w/e so i can repay you for renewing that handle for me


| i believe i still have the original design of the main dangeru.me page


| anyways, i'd like to apologize to anyone who thought that dangeru.me was a fraud or something like that. as i've said, if i'll have enough money to keep the domain running, i'll be glad to constantly offer it to you all


| and to the OP again, i don't know how i can repay you for doing this. i'm very thankful that you didn't just go and hijack that domain. once we're in contact, i promise you'll get as much space on dangeru.me as i can offer from my server infrastructure.


| i'm so, SO sorry once more. and i'm sorry for carelessly handling dangeru.me.

| Hi, I thought that it would be nice to make dangeru.me look similar to danger/u/ so I tried to remake it: https://unusualstranger.github.io/dangeru.me/

Feel free to host it on dangeru.me, and it's unlicensed so you can do whatever you like with it :3

(also I came across this site some weeks ago and I love it so much <3)

| >>583835
surprisingly nice and minimal, *but*
>charset rather than the ol' http-equiv
>maximum- and minimum-scale when a plain initial does the job just fine
><a> hrefs that blend in with the text until you hover over them
aside from those, this is pretty neat. really cute banner!

| >>583859
is there really any advantage to use http-equiv over <meta charset=...>? because proper mime type should be handled by webserver (and if it's not text/html, browser won't even parse it) and charset is already defined using <meta> tag

i fixed other issues just now, you can see them live at github pages
thanks for commenting! :3

| >>583917
>is there really any advantage to use http-equiv
for the most part, it's an addition for legacy's sake; if you want a compromise, you could actually add *both*; charset first, and if that fails, the client'll just move onto http-equiv. i guess this isn't -as- necessary nowadays, but for the sake of light legacy support, it's alright
>i fixed other issues just now
very nice! keep up the good work.

| pls close https://dangeru.us/new/thread/583985

| Shit, I wonder if I still have that screenshot of that cocktail recipe I found there.

| Is it possible to have mail box on danger.me?

| Can we make a glitch city server for a mc.dangeru.me server? I can help build 24/4 because sleep.

>>585366,no database support, so it would be extremely vulnerable to plaintext exploits. You could do some sort of pgp encryption/posting for private messages. You can hide files that way too, but it would be hard to implement without a basic understanding of how encryption works, the correct .htaccess lines, and a way to regularly access the files via sftp. It's just not a good idea.

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