(BUG)Suggestions for this website's application on playstore

| Login features are really needed at the moment. I watched so many thread last time and the app crashed and restarted, no watched thread history no more music playing. I was shocked but at the same time disappointed. And also I realise the dark mode doesn't change my navigation bar color wich is still white, would've be nice if that was added too. I realise a bug when I opened the music section at the menu of the app, that's where it crashed and restarted them.

| Just get the danger/pass/ OP!

| Login features will take away the anonimity of the users. If it is a tuing, expect less threads and posts as people will definitely think multiple times before posting anything. Plus, I won't even be posting this if there's a username attached to everything I say. It's perfect the way it is.

| just namefag. whenever you feel like checking what you posted you can always use /search/ your username by content. p big brain move desu


| Don't namefag, whenever you feel like checking what you posted you can't use \search\ your username by content, pretty dumb desu


| Rumor has it, if you post the same thing three times in a row you can summon a loli

| >>674310 Russian hacker must be drowning in lolis

| >>674463 Russian hacker didn't post in a row. She changed the song with each post.

| >>674310 didnt work, no little sister in my house yet,

| Also login would ruin the plataform

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